TV Equals Update 2017

Hello Dear TV Equals Readers!

It’s been a while since we last talked! As some of you might have noticed, TV Equals has been pretty quiet for a few months and we thought it was time for us to write a proper goodbye.

Yes, this is the end of TV Equals. It feels so weird writing it down. Maybe that’s why I haven’t written this final post before, because now it really feels final.

TV Equals was started in 2006 from a passion for TV shows that Americ and I had. Over the years it grew far beyond anything we could have imagined and we got a chance to go on so many exciting adventures that neither of us had ever dreamed of.

Late last year, we made the difficult decision to close down TV Equals. Unfortunately, it was not financially possible for us to keep it running anymore. The site had always been able to generate enough income to keep it running, but it hadn’t been the case for a while and it was starting to become a financial burden to us personally as well. In addition, our interests started to shift in the past few years as well, which felt like it was time to say goodbye to this slice of our life.

We met so many amazing people over the years. Our team grew from two to over 20+ writers at some point. All these incredible people and writers were as passionate and excited about TV shows as we were and we feel very grateful to have been able to share their work on TV Equals over the years.

This is where I want to start my thanks.

To our team of writers, THANK YOU for all your contributions and your passion. It’s been a privilege getting to know and work with all of you! TV Equals wouldn’t have been what it was without all of you!

To our readers, THANK YOU for your support throughout the years, for reading our articles, sharing your thoughts and your passion.

To our publicist friends, THANK YOU for giving us so many opportunities to share our passion for the TV shows we loved and for the incredible events we were able to attend and for your kindness and hard work over the years. It was always very much appreciated!

Anyway, all of this to say that TV Equals will not be producing any new content anymore. It lasted for a few amazing years and we’ll cherish them forever. The site will remain as an archive for now.

Oh and if you want to keep up with us. You can find most of our writers on Twitter (you can find their info on our About page). You can find Americ @itsameric and me @sosandrine

Thank you again for joining us on this adventure and see you on the next one!