Jane the Virgin (Season 4): Be Brave

“Be brave.”

Those two simple words have made quite an impact on Jane Gloriana Villanueva on The CW series Jane the Virgin. Ten years ago, in an unexpected heart-to-heart conversation with her then teenage crush Rafael Solano, he shared those two words with her when she was contemplating what direction to take her life. She really wanted to be a writer, but was planning on going to college to become a school teacher, which was her back-up plan should her dream of being a writer didn’t come true.

Obviously Rafael went on to become a lot more to Jane than just her teenage crush many years later thanks to the accidental artificial insemination mistake made by Rafael’s sister Dr. Luisa Alver. Prior to giving birth to their son Mateo, Rafe and Jane were a couple; but soon enough Jane realized that she was really in love with her long-time boyfriend Michael Cordero.

She and Michael eventually married, but before they could even enjoy their honeymoon, Michael was shot by the criminal known as Sin Rostro, who was in disguise as Michael’s latest police partner Susanna Barnett. Thankfully Michael survived that horrible attack, but it was a long road to recovery. Unfortunately, Michael passed away suddenly and very unexpectedly – just as it seemed he was on a new career path and his marriage with Jane was in a very good place – due to the wounds he suffered on their wedding night.

It would be a number of years later, though, when those two little words – once again spoken to Jane by Rafe – made all the difference in the world for her. She had written a manuscript, chronicling her life with Michael; but it was Jane’s intention to get Michael’s mother’s approval first. Approval that Patricia, Michael’s mom, would not give because, at the time, she blamed Jane for her son’s death. Naturally, after that reaction, Jane threw out the manuscript; but Rafe had a different idea: he gave it to Patricia to read; and thankfully, she gave Jane her consent to write the book.

Jump to Jane on the eve of her leaving for her book tour. She was obviously nervous – not to mention upset about her break-up with current boyfriend Adam – and there was Rafe once again telling her to “be brave.” Good on you, Rafe for always being the solid and constant support for Jane no matter what. And, what is more, how about that wallop of a kiss that Rafe planted on Jane in the final scene? How do you think Jane is going to react? Does Rafe really want to get back together with her or was it more a heat of the moment kind of reaction.

What are your thoughts on the show so far this season? What storyline have you enjoyed the most? Which one the least? What are you hoping to see when the show returns for the rest of its season in 2018? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The fourth season of ‘Jane the Virgin’ will return on The CW on Friday, January 26 at 9/8c.