‘Supernatural’ (Season 13): Oh What Big Feet You Have

The mid-season finale of Supernatural aired last night on The CW, leaving viewers of the long-running series with yet another cliffhanger. But this one ended with one giant footprint – literally a giant footprint.

In an attempt to help his “family” [that would Sam and Dean, much to their surprise], Jack has been trying to track down Mary Winchester, getting close to the apocalypse world where she was sucked into with Lucifer, but just not quite being able to get into that world – even with his intense power.

In order to ramp up his powers, Jack was trying to find a “Dreamwalker” who could help him enter that horrifying world. Derek Swan was the first dreamwalker Jack asked for help, but unfortunately, he was only able to help Jack glimpse that world, but he was able to point Jack toward Kaia Nieves, a young drug addict, who used drugs to mask her incredible dreamwalking abilities.

Sadly, a group of angels was on Jack’s trail, needing him to help their depleted ranks. They encountered Derek shortly after Jack’s visit, and killed Derek because he wouldn’t tell them how to find Jack. It was about this time that Jack met Kaia, but she didn’t want to help him because when she uses her abilities, she gets hurt.

After being taken by the angels, and simultaneously being saved by Sam and Dean and then forced by Dean to help them, Kaia eventually volunteered to help Jack get into the apocalypse world; but there were major consequences. Jack was transported to the old church were Mary was being held captive, but Kaia was left unconscious along the side of the road.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean woke up in a lush forest – this must be one of the other worlds for which Maia saw as Jack helped her navigate toward the apocalypse world. Right after waking up in this world, the brothers Winchester jumped into what appeared to be a crater, but that crater was something much more terrifying. It was a giant footprint of what could only be seen as a dinosaur as the scene panned high above them. Oh what big feet you have, indeed!

What kind of world did Kaia and Jack inadvertently toss Sam and Dean into? Are they the only humans there, surrounded by dinosaurs and other creatures? How in the world will they escape if Jack is in apocalypse world and Kaia is in their “home” universe? This just might be the most deadly situation for which the brothers will find themselves.

Also included in this episode were some of the characters from the back-door pilot “Wayward Sisters” that will officially happen when the show returns next month – including Kaia – as well as Sheriff Jody Mills and Patience Turner, who is the granddaughter of Missouri Moseley. It will be interesting to see if these “sisters” might be able to help get Sam and Dean back from that world – if and/or when they figure out they are trapped there; or maybe they can be instrumental in helping Jack get Mary back from apocalypse world.

What do you think will happen with Sam and Dean as well as Mary and Jack? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the 13th season of The CW series ‘Supernatural’ will air on Thursday, January 18 at 8/7c.