‘Blindspot’ (Season 3): The Boy Who Would Be King

In Friday night’s episode of Blindspot the opening scene was of a young man and a woman – who was clearly injured – desperately trying to stay hidden from an as-yet unknown source. That source became very clear as the episode rolled out. The young man turned out to be the would be king of the fictional country of Kazarus, except there was a massive backstory to his life.

In 1997, the reigning monarch of Kazarus, King Ivan, raped a young woman named Yasmine Petrushev. She had a child name Vanya, who she raised in the United States. But now that King Ivan is dead and his unscrupulous brother Cyrus is on the throne, Cyrus did not want a young “usurper” to get in the way of his reign.

What did King Cyrus decide to do? He hired men to burn down numerous warehouses where untested rape kits – including Yasmine’s – were being held to eliminate any proof of what the former King Ivan had done to Yasmine; and what’s worse, he hired a band of mercenaries to hunt down and kill young Vanya and his mother. Nice guy, huh?

This whole unsettling case, naturally, was discovered because Patterson figured out yet another of Jane’s tattoos, which lead the team to the box that contained Yasmine’s rape kit. And in a weird way this case had ramifications for Jane [and Weller] due to the stunning news that Jane gave birth to a baby when she was 18; a baby that she didn’t even remember at all.

Of course, her duplicitous brother Roman knew all about Jane’s baby, and as we learned in yet another shocking reveal at the very end of the episode, Weller knew about Jane’s baby too! In fact, the secret from Berlin that Roman was holding over Weller’s head was that he MET Jane’s daughter in the lobby of a Berlin hotel while he was on his mission to track Jane down.

How can Weller be keeping this gigantic secret from Jane? This is not a great way to rebuild their married life? This isn’t a good way to treat the woman he loves!

In other issues within the episode, the team was visited, once again, by the obnoxious now Congressman Matthew Weisz. He continues to be a thorn in the side of everyone on the team. Then there is Reade, who was especially snippy to Zapata throughout the episode and putting her and Patterson down on checking into the cell phone of the recently departed Stuart that was discovered. Worse yet, there was the reveal that Hirst seemed to working against them in finding out who killed Stuart [or could it be that she is beyond his demise?]

What are your thoughts on Jane being a mother? Why do you think Weller is keeping mum on what he knows? Why is Roman doing all of these things to them? Does he feel like he has to take over for Shepard in tormenting them? What do you think Reade is up to with Jonathan West from the State Department? And, most of all, what do you think Hirst is doing to the team and why? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the third season of ‘Blindspot’ will air on NBC on Friday, December 8 at 8/7c.