‘Supernatural’ (Season 13): Not Everyone Stays Dead

As any viewer of Supernatural knows all too well, not everyone stays dead on the show. In its long-running history, the Winchester brothers have died countless times – especially Dean. In fact, former reaper Billie, who is now the Angel of Death – has virtually an entire room filled with all the records of Dean’s deaths.

Over the course of the last few episodes, not only did viewers learn that Castiel was actually alive but also that Arthur Ketch, the amoral British Men of Letters member, who was killed by Mary Winchester last season, was alive and well.

I think most viewers can honestly say they were pleased by Castiel’s resurrection [am I right?!] although surprised that all it took was for Lucifer’s Nephilim son Jack to utter his name. For once we were introduced to the “Nothing” rather than finding out he was in hell, heaven or purgatory. I just have to wonder if the entity from the Nothing that allowed Castiel to make it back to our side will ever be seen again.

But it was much more troubling to learn that Arthur Ketch was still among the living since we all clearly saw his timely death at the hands of Mary. We learned in last night’s new episode that Crowley’s witchy mother Rowena struck a deal with him that allowed him to come back from the dead.

It’s not exactly the best news for the Winchester brothers – given their outright animosity toward Ketch; in particular Dean who just wants the sadistic bastard deader than dead – and to make matters worse, at the end of last night’s episode Ketch was aligning himself with Asmodeus, the new King of Hell. That revelation in itself is going to spell dire consequences for Sam and Dean – as well as Lucifer and Castiel, who are now prisoners of the evil new Devil.

Needless to say, not everyone stays dead on Supernatural; and knowing that Castiel is back in their realm is a massive relief but knowing that Ketch is around, well, that is just a complication that the brothers Winchester don’t need.

NOTE: It was also great to see Kevin Tran, albeit a much different version of the prophet, in that alternate universe; but I had one big question: where was Mary Winchester?

What are your thoughts about Castiel and Ketch being back among the living? Do you see Ketch as the right hand of the new Devil as a really, really bad thing? What kind of outcome is this season going to have once Jack learns that Asmodeus is holding Castiel and Lucifer prisoner? I have a feeling that Asmodeus is in for quite a battle once the young Nephilim learns that his biological father and the angel he saw as his pseudo-father are being held prisoners. Please share your thoughts on the show in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the 13th season of The CW series ‘Supernatural’ will air on Thursday, November 30 at 8/7c.