Jane the Virgin (Season 4): Published Freaking Author

Jane Gloriana Villanueva – from The CW dramedy Jane the Virgin – has always loved her family and enjoyed watching telenovelas with her mother Xiomara and her abuela Alba. But most of all Jane has always wanted to be a writer.

Over the course of the show’s four seasons, Jane has gone through quite a transformation. She started out as a devoted girlfriend, cocktail waitress at the Mirabella and a wanna-be school teacher [who dreamed of being a writer]. Soon enough she became a much unexpected mother [due to that accidental artificial insemination] and eventually morphed into a happily married woman, working for a publishing company.

Obviously, since the show is very much like a telenovela, Jane has experienced some horrible lows (losing the love of her life when her husband Michael died) and extremely ecstatic highs; (becoming a mother and getting married to Michael). While she has gone through a lot of life experiences, seeing her joy and happiness over finally becoming a published “freaking” author in Friday night’s latest episode, certainly was a highlight.

Watching Jane’s reaction as she opened the box containing her first published novel – loosely based on her family and her love affair with her husband Michael – was delightful. What was even more moving was watching her reflect on moments with Michael that framed the storyline of her book “Snow Falling.” She really does have a lot of wonderful memories of her time with Michael.

Perhaps what was even more interesting was seeing how everything came together [albeit a bit haphazardly] for her book party at her long-time favorite book store as well as Jane meeting – at long last – her all-time favorite author, Isabel Allende.

On the opposite spectrum, though, was how much Jane’s joy about her book seemed to be over-shadowed by her trying to figure out if she really did love Adam not to mention if and/or when she was going to tell him her feelings. The fact that Adam chose to take that job in Los Angeles made it, well, unnecessary for Jane to express her feelings toward him to anyone other than her mother and grandmother. I felt bad for her, especially given that she thought she would never have her heart broken again after Michael’s death.

I would love to see Jane move on with someone else at a later time [and let it not be Rafael as we’ve been down that road one too many times, quite frankly] once she enjoys her book tour and starts writing her next book. She is a published “freaking” author, after all.

What are your thoughts on the fourth season of the show so far? Do you like the direction they have been heading with Jane becoming a published author? What do you think about the other developments within the show such as Rafael being kicked out of the Marbella by his sister Luisa; the continued, weird inclusion of Petra’s twin sister Anezka and her demented mother not to mention the disturbing death at the end of Friday night’s episode? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The mid-season finale of the fourth season of ‘Jane the Virgin’ will air on The CW on Friday, December 8 at 9/8c.