‘Supernatural’ (Season 13): The Return of Missouri Moseley

The 13th season of the long-running series Supernatural has aired three episodes so far. The first two episodes focused primarily on the aftermath of the season finale of last year as well as the brothers Winchester learning just how powerful Lucifer’s quickly aging son Jack is capable of unloading upon the Earth (and let’s just say they are pretty damn scary!)

NOTE: How about that scene with Castiel, waking up after hearing Jack say his name. I guess Jack is powerful enough to bring an angel not only back from the dead but also back from the funeral pyre on which he was burned. That is some power he packs.

But it was in last night’s new episode that viewers saw the return of Missouri Moseley (the amazingly talented Loretta Devine), who was featured in the 9th episode of the show’s debut season back in November of 2005.

NOTE: Long-time fans are more likely than not aware that Missouri was supposed to reappear in the season one finale, but due to scheduling conflicts (Devine couldn’t make it back to reprise the role), the production created a new character – Bobby Singer (played by fan favorite Jim Beaver) as a “fill-in.”

Naturally, since the Winchester brothers hadn’t seen or heard from Missouri in “over a decade,” they were quite surprised that she reached out to them. But she had a very good reason: her protégé (and pseudo adopted daughter) Dede [watchful eyes of this episode will recognize that actress as Chelsey Reist, who plays Harper on The 100] was murdered by a wraith, who was set on killing and devouring the brains of psychics. Yuck, right?

While Sam decided to stay at the bunker to “train” Jack, Dean set off to help in the hunt with Sheriff Jody Mills, who was called into action by Sam. I have to say that Dean and Jody make a pretty good team, even if during an intense part of the episode it looked like they were taken down by that damn wraith -thank God that was just a déjà vu moment by Missouri’s granddaughter Patience, who inherited her grandma’s abilities.

This particular episode also helped in setting up the planned spin-off series Wayward Sisters that will focus on Jody Mills and other female characters from the world of Supernatural, which will actually include Patience Turner, Missouri’s granddaughter. Convenient set-up, right?

But, just as soon as Missouri returns, it seems we lose her again, except this time around she is brutally killed by that wraith, thwarting any chance at viewers ever getting to see this character again.

Have you been watching the “lucky” 13th season of ‘Supernatural”? If so, what are your thoughts on the season so far? Were you happy to see the return of Missouri only to be saddened by her demise? Do you like the addition of Jack, and how worried are you by his powers? Do you think that Lucifer and Mary Winchester will make it back from the alternate universe for which they are trapped? How do you think Castiel will make it out of wherever he woke up? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the 13th season of The CW series ‘Supernatural’ will air on Thursday, November 2 at 8/7c.