‘Good Witch’ (Season 4): Celebrating Halloween

It has become a tradition with the Hallmark Channel series Good Witch to air a Halloween two-hour special, celebrating the “holiday” as only the town of Middleton can do – with a bit of mystery and magic, friendship and love.

The latest special Spellbound aired on Sunday night, chronicling the 150-year story of Cotton Perriwood, the local alchemist who was in love with one of Cassie Nightingale’s Merriwick descendants. But because of a horrible incident, for which the good scientist was falsely accused of playing a part in, he was forced out of the town and away from the woman he loved.

As Cassie explained the tale to her teenage daughter Grace in a voice-over as the two decorated Grey House for Halloween, Perriwood supposedly cursed the town as a way of revenge; and every year since that fateful Halloween night, the town has been waiting to see when (or if) the curse would ever actually happen.

Naturally, it would seem that this Halloween was when the curse would take affect because – found wrapped around four creepy gargoyles in the basement of town hall by Jared, Mayor Tinsdale’s assistant, was the very old, multi-page handwritten curse. As you can imagine, Cassie was asked to read through it and determine what it all meant. But in doing so, it would seem that the curse was enacted, causing strange things to happen in Middleton – such as frogs all over the town fountain and bats flying across the blood moon sky [when there had never been bats in the town before].

As time passed, more and more of the curse warnings became reality, making the townspeople as well as Mayor Tinsdale concerned for their very safety. It didn’t help that a mysterious stranger was in town – a stranger who wouldn’t share his name or why he was there – and a stranger who seemed to bore an uncanny likeness to the curse writer himself: Cotton Perriwood.

Given that this is Good Witch and the town of Middleton is a charming little town where nothing truly horrible ever really happens, Grace helped discover the location of the final, missing page of the curse – located on the bottom of the four creepy gargoyles. Once they were placed side-by side, two in a stack the missing verses were discovered and read aloud by Cassie and Grace. As it turned out, Cotton Perriwood didn’t actually curse the town – no matter how dire most of the passages seemed – but instead he forgave the town and wished it nothing but prosperity. It would seem his power of forgiveness was much more powerful than any anger he may have held the former inhabitants of the town.

Good Witch: Spellbound was, as usual, a heartwarming look at the quaint town, how obsessed the residents are with Halloween, and how the power of love (and forgiveness) can go a long way in making a difference no matter what century it is.

What did you think of the Halloween special? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below. And, remember the fourth season of ‘Good Witch’ will return to the Hallmark Channel, most likely, sometime in early 2018, although an official airdate has yet to be announced.