Jane the Virgin (Season 4): Alter Egos

Jane the Virgin returned last week for the start of its fourth season, moving the storyline along with Jane ready to tell Rafael how she was starting to have feelings for him again only to be surprised by the return of her first love Adam. Last week also briefly introduced a new voiceover – a female voice that was fully supportive of Adam’s story.

But it was Friday night’s new episode that gave us a look at many of the characters alter egos, which fell in line with Adam’s career as a graphic novelist. It all started when Adam showed Jane the alter egos he created for her: Fun Jane and Mom Jane.

That, in turn, gave us a look at alter egos for some of the other cast of characters:

• Zen Rafael vs Douche Rafael;
• Rogelio vs Judy; and even,
• Alba vs. Fun Alba

First, let’s look at Zen Rafael from last season versus Douche Rafael. This season’s Rafael is a very different man from the Rafe viewers saw last year. This time around he has lost the hotel to his sister Luisa and he is fighting like crazy to get it back; and since he is temporarily living with Jane and Alba, he has become a bit of a douche – at least in Jane’s opinion.

Then, Rogelio took on an alter ego – albeit short-term – in order to infiltrate the focus group that was going to determine his and co-star Fabian’s fate of the telenovela for which they star. As viewers may recall, Fabian and Rogelio have been at odds with each other [not just because Fabian was formerly involved with Jane], but as filming for their show resumed, Fabian and Rogelio had a decisive argument, informing the studio executives they couldn’t work together any longer. This caused the execs to decide that a focus group would decide their fate. Once Rogelio discovered that Fabian’s grandmother wormed her way into the focus group, he disguised himself as a women and was able to turn the tide, winning the focus group and getting rid of Fabian for good.

Sadly, ridding himself of Fabian brought about something even worse: the return of Rogelio’s true enemy Esteban Santiago, who seems to have eyes for Rogelio’s baby momma Darcy Factor – oh what a tangled web of telenovela they weave on this show.

Lastly, there was Fun Alba versus Alba, telling Jane that she needed to give Rafael another chance, hoping that her granddaughter and the father of her child would finally come to terms with each other, working to find the right school for their son Mateo to attend.

What are your thoughts on Adam and Jane as a couple? Do you want to see Jane and Rafael end up together? Did you have a preference over Fun Jane versus Mom Jane? How funny was it to see the subtle differences between Alba and Fun Alba? Did you agree with Jane’s assessment of Douche Rafael? Please share your thoughts on the first two episodes of the season in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the fourth season of ‘Jane the Virgin’ will air on The CW on Friday, October 27 at 9/8c.