‘Supergirl’ (Season 3): The Girl of Steel’s Triggers

The third season of Supergirl started two weeks ago, opening with a much different Girl of Steel – one who was not dealing well with the loss of Mon-El, focusing on being Supergirl and only Supergirl, not allowing any humans emotions she may have adapted during her time on Earth to interfere with her day-to-day life.

Then last night’s episode found Supergirl battling perhaps her most difficult foe: a meta-human known as Psi, who was capable of immobilizing her victims by tapping into their worst fears. Psi was even able to debilitate Supergirl, making her remember how alone she felt after leaving Krypton and making her think that Mon-El actually perished when he was sent into space in the season two finale.

Here are my thoughts on those two episodes:

New Villains

While Samantha Arias was introduced in the season premiere as an average, hard-working single mom, it became clear that she is much more than meets the eye – especially after she made that Herculean save of her daughter during the unveiling of the statue of the Girl of Steel. Even her daughter Ruby thought her mom was more than meets the eye, hoping that her mom had superpowers like Supergirl so she wouldn’t have to work. And speaking of work, how about that surprise that Samantha will be taking over the helm at L Corp while Lena Luthor tackles being the CEO of CatCo? [Not to mention what we know about who Samantha really is despite her not knowing the truth about herself just yet – if you haven’t read up on who Samantha is you can check out the details at Deadline: http://deadline.com/2017/05/supergirl-odette-annable-cast-reign-season-3-1202105143/]

Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

Now that Lena Luthor is in charge at CatCo it took no time at all for Lena and James “Jimmy” Olsen to get into a “mine is bigger than yours” war – without even having to drop trou. There is no way this working relationship is going to get better, but it sure can get worse.

What’s more: Lena and Kara are seemingly best friends, right? But now that Lena will be at CatCo every day, how long will it take for the former to start wondering just where the latter is going all the time? Kara may have been able to convince Lena that she hasn’t dealt with Mon-El’s leaving as well as she has led on, but that excuse is only going to work so long – then what?

Priceless Moment

How about that stare-down and rambling between Alex and Wynn when she was trying to get him to admit what he and Kara were sharing between them. Admittedly, Wynn can’t keep a secret to save his life, but it was pretty priceless to watch Alex work him like that, right?

Memorable Lines

“Psi put me back in that pod.” – Kara to Alex

“Your fears don’t define you.” – Alex to Kara

“Luthors don’t have friends, we have minions.” – Lena to Kara

What’s Next?

M’gann reached out telepathically to J’onn pretty much demanding that she needed him to come to Mars immediately. But to what end? Is this a trap for J’onn? Would M’gann actually lead him into one? And given the clip Supergirl is going with him? Is that a wise idea? What do you think will happen?

Please also share your thoughts about the first two episodes of the DC Comics series in our comments section below and make sure to watch the next new episode of the third season of ‘Supergirl,’ airing on The CW on Monday, October 23 at 8/7c.