‘Teen Wolf’ (Season 6): The Dogs of War Are Coming for You

The dogs of war are coming for you,” said Gerard Argent to Scott McCall as the final battle between the mad supernatural hunter and the wolf pack Alpha got underway in the series finale of Teen Wolf on MTV last night.

But instead of seeing a huge battle between Gerard and his community-wide Army versus Scott and his ever-growing wolf pack, which saw the surprising (and highly anticipated) return of not only Stiles but also Derek Hale, the battle actually came down to both sides being divided throughout various locations within Beacon Hills: the high school, the local hospital, Gerard’s armory, the police station and the always creepy Eichen House.

At first it seemed impossible that Scott and his team were going to be able to survive the battle especially given the fact that they also had to stand up against the Anuk-Ite – that damn ancient shape-shifter that was released during the wild hunt. What was worse is that no one could look at the Anuk-Ite without turning to stone, much like the legend of how Medusa go the better of her enemies.

While Scott’s team was unfairly separated with Parrish being locked up at Eichen House; Scott’s dad locked up at the police station; Liam, Corey and Mason being trapped at the hospital with Scott’s mom and turncoat Nolan; and Jackson and Ethan being held prisoner [where they were routinely tortured] at Gerard’s Armory, the remaining members of the team – Scott, Malia, Lydia, Stiles and Derek – attempted to devise a plan of attack.

But instead of coming up with any kind of battle plan, Scott did exactly what Gerard wanted. It might not have been the smartest plan given that the Anuk-Ite was walking those halls taking out many members of Scott’s “pack,” but in the end, it did actually pay off. Stiles acquired mountain ash from Gerard’s Armory that he was able to use against the Anuk-Ite – after quite an interesting play of words battle between Scott and the shape-shifter [which not only turned into some of their previous adversaries but also some of Scott’s closest friends].

There were casualties on both sides – namely Deucalion dying at the hands of some of Gerard’s Army and Gerard himself being taken down by his supernatural daughter Kate. It seemed fitting that the latter’s life was ended by his own flesh and blood, though.

As for Scott and his wolf pack, they came out unscathed [for the most part]. Liam and Nolan seemed to put their past behind them, compromising on being co-captains of the school’s lacrosse team; Argent and Scott’s mom Melissa finally sharing a passionate kiss; Ethan and Jackson making their way back to London and Scott and his main team meeting with new werewolf Alec and walking off into the moonlight.

Who are they?” asked young Alec.
My friends, my pack,” answered Scott.

That seemed a fitting end to ‘Teen Wolf’ after six seasons as one of the most intense and entertaining thrillers on the air. What are your thoughts of the series finale? Please share them in our comments section below.