‘Killjoys’ (Season 3): Memories Are Made of These

The season finale of the sci-fi series Killjoys aired on Friday night, bringing to a close the battle between Dutch and her rather ragtag army against her doppelganger Aneela and her Hullen armada.

But truth be told it seemed, to me, to be a little lackluster. Sure we got a space battle and a bit of a showdown between Aneela and Dutch – without either of them losing their lives, well, thankfully for Dutch’s case that is – but who really won? Granted, Kendry got the Hullen to back down from the fight before too many were lost on Dutch’s side of the war, but with Dutch slipping into the green goo with Aneela by her side it made that victory seem less than.

The episode also focused on memories, mainly those of Dutch that centered on her past with Johnny and D’avin; and then rather unexpectedly within ‘the Green Space’ – the world entered by Aneela and Dutch after they sunk themselves into the green goo. The Green Space – as explained by Aneela – is “the space between all the memories that we store” and is “where Dutch was born.”

Okay so that’s all fine and well, but a past version of Khylen is there and supposedly so is the Lady. But who the hells is the Lady? We clearly saw Dutch, Aneela and Khylen heading off to do battle with her – talk about strange bedfellows, right?! – but, again, who the hells is the Lady?

But let’s go back to memories, shall we? My strongest memories of this season finale include:

• The Last Supper-like opening scene with Dutch and her band of merry men;
• The quickie marriage between Pree (the divine Thom Allison) and his muscle bond lover Gared;
• The switcheroo between Aneela and Dutch both on-board Lucy and within the Green Space;
• Johnny managing to do ANYTHING after Aneela stabbed him in the lung; do they have some kind of special space glue that fixed him enough to be able to do anything after that kind of attack;
• Dutch agreeing to get into the green goo with Aneela; and neither of them fighting to the death – when it seemed like that was what both of them wanted;
• Johnny, D’avin and Kendry ending up stuck together for who God knows how long before they run out of air or Kendry ends up eating the two brothers – after all she is Hullen; and,
• The very unexpected pairing up of Aneela and Dutch in the Green Space along with their “father” Khylen, as they head of to battle the Lady [and once more time, who the hells is in the Lady?!].

What do you think is going to happen to Kendry, Johnny and D’avin since they are stuck on that inadvertently made Acropolis “shuttle”? What are your thoughts on that lip lock between space nerd Zeph and spoiled rich boy turned Black Market broker Pippin? Were you as surprised by the pairing of Aneela and Dutch as I was? Please share your thoughts on the season finale in our comments section below, including how you feel about the show getting renewed.

‘Killjoys’ received not only a fourth season renewal but also a fifth and final season. The new season of the show will return to Syfy, most likely, sometime next year.