“Dark Matter” (Season 3): The Arrival

The season finale of Dark Matter aired on Syfy on Friday night, delivering on a lot of the issues that have been plaguing the team of the Raza, while opening up yet more concerns and worries for them.

The war between the corporations came to a head when the Raza teamed with ships from the Mikkei Combine as well as the fleeing ships from the planet Zairon that were still loyal to leader Ryo Ishida (aka Four), who was temporarily given a reprieve from his deserved death sentence by Two.

In order to bring down Project Phoenix – that was finally discovered by the Raza team with the assistance of Ryo’s royal advisor Teku Fonsei, as the location of Three’s doppelganger Boone and his band of mercenaries, the team used a bomb provided by the Mikkei Combine to blow the secret shipyard facility to smithereens. If only that was what happened.

Sadly, Ferrous Corp – the entity behind the secret shipyard – knew the Raza team was there because the bomb provided to them by the Mikkei Combine, who acquired the bomb from one of the other rival corporations of Ferrous, was a dud. It would seem that the arrangement created between the Mikkei Combine and the other rival corporations was all a ploy by Ferrous. I guess you can’t trust any corporation in that universe.

What’s worse is the alien goo that the Raza team thought they had stopped at that outpost a few episodes ago hasn’t gone away. And the aliens behind that goo made a very unexpectedly arrival. Sure, Future Five warned Future Android about the Black Ships – so we knew that something was coming – but I don’t think anyone was expecting the ships to show up in the way they did: with Six basically sacrificing his life in the Marauder, using the Blink Drive to destroy the secret shipyard. The explosion that followed, though, somehow opened a rift in space, allowing those alien ships to come through to the world of the corporations and the Raza team.

Much like last season’s final episode, the team members were all separated with their lives hanging in the balance. That was very similar to Friday night’s finale with Three on a ship with Two’s doppelganger Portia; Six’s live seemingly being over because of using the Blink Drive to obliterate Project Phoenix; the real Two being infested by that damn alien goo and Five being stuck on the Raza with Four [can he really be trusted after all he has done since getting his memories back?!] and that turncoat/double-crosser/spy for the Mikkei Combine extraordinaire Wexler.

Perhaps the most disturbing issue stemming from the season finale is that ‘Dark Matter’ has yet to be renewed for a fourth season by Syfy, leaving a lot of unanswered questions for the fans. What really happened to Six? What do the Androids, who have Three’s girlfriend Sarah, have planned for that world? Can Two be saved from that alien goo? What will Four do? Will he try to take over? And what is the deal with Five having a sister? There are so many questions and no readily available answers right now. Let’s just hope that Syfy makes an announcement soon.

Again, Syfy has yet to announce if ‘Dark Matter’ will receive a fourth season renewal yet or not; but for the sake of the fans, who are as curious as I am, I hope they make a decision quickly.