The Most OMG Moments In The WYNONNA EARP Season 2 Finale

There have been plenty of OMG moments in this season of Syfy’s critical darling, Wynonna Earp. No one at the beginning of the season could have predicted we would see a baby Earp or a Nicole Haught wife. In the season 2 finale, the show blasted through so many twists and turns that fans live Tweeting the episode seemed to be getting whiplash and planned for an immediate second viewing. If you have not seen the finale, do so immediately and come back to this article because we’re going through the top six OMG moments.

Mercedes Powers Up
In a shocking move of betrayal, the decaying Mercedes, who has suffered through green goo in her hair for several episodes, betrays her sister and resurrected husband, the demon Bulshar. In a surprising stroke, Mercedes chops off her husband’s hand and steals his ring of power. She traps Bobo, Bulshar, and Beth in an abandoned mine. As soon as she slips on the ring, the witchy widow transforms into Daenerys Targaryen’s doppleganger. Even better than her transformation, though, is the moment Doc blows the mystical bullet in half that turns Mercedes back into goo. No one could have seen that coming.

Rosita’s Betrayal
This was a total shocker, though maybe it shouldn’t have been. Rosita decides that she’s going to use baby Earp as a bargaining chip – which does not go over well with Wynonna. After knocking out Waverley in the middle of the child’s birth, Rosita shows her true colors and that she really is not a member of the team. While it is too bad because her character is fun, her bad choice clears the way for a Wynonna/Doc rekindling.

Peacemaker’s Feeling Blue
The showdown with Rosita gives Waverley the chance to make up for bringing this chaos down on everyone when she gave Doc’s ring to the widows. She grabs Peacemaker and aims it, even though she cannot wield the weapon since she is not an Earp and not 27 years old. Wynonna calls upon whatever supernatural force powers the gun, begging it to let Waverley protect her and the baby. In response, the gun turns a bright shade of blue and fires. Its aim is off, though, and Rosita lives. This scene sparked the biggest online fan reaction with people wondering why the gun was blue and how Waverley could fire it. In an interview discussing the finale, showrunner Emily Andras reminded fans that the gun was also blue when Wynonna shot Willa. In the end, Waverley may have only grazed Rosita, but the fact that she could suggests there’s more to Peacemaker than we thought we knew.

Baby Earp
It’s a girl! While the birth of the Earp heir should have been a happy occasion, this one was filled with tears from all sides. The birth of the baby allowed Waverely to solve one of the season’s big mysteries – the identity of the father. If the baby could not pass out of the Ghost River Triangle, then she would be the offspring of a Revenant. If she could, then she would be Doc Holliday’s daughter. We all now know…she’s an Earp/Holliday. This rewards fans of the Doc/Wynonna romance and also is a better decision that making the child some kind of demon baby. It also left fans shocked and devastated as the baby was whisked off to be raised by Aunt Gus. That will leave a hole in Wyonna’s heart that may be impossible to fill.

Doc’s Been to Hell and Back
With the destruction of his ring, Doc is now mortal and facing all the implications that brings. But after his death last week, he is also confronted with the fate of his immortal soul. While he tells the gang that he was in heaven (who does not hear the Buffy echoes in this scene?), we learn later that he was actually in hell. Thanks to his relationship with Wynonna, Doc is one of good guys and the idea of him being relegated to the fiery pits is just not okay. There has to be a path for Doc to earn his redemption that hopefully does not involve him dying in the process. The worst, most predictable scenario would be Doc sacrificing himself to end the curse for Wynonna and his daughter. Who can’t envision that played out with violins and Wynonna telling a little Alice, “Let me tell you about your father. He was a brave man.”

Momma Earp
There’s more than one Momma Earp in this episode. In the final moments, Wynonna speeds out of town, while the voiceover warns about the inevitable return of Bulshar. It is likely that Momma Earp holds the key to Waverley’s paternity, so we should get answers on that next season. The big question is to what extent Momma will be involved in fighting Bulshar.

There is a lot still unresolved that will undoubtedly lead to even more surprises in season 3. We certainly have not seen the last of the firemen/Eyes Wide Shut monks, despite Dolls going all Drogon on them. There is more than meets the eye with Jeremy. Why exactly was he recruited to Black Badge and how does he know so much? Then there was that bizarre look between Nicole and Dolls that suggests they have something secret going on involving Bulshar. It almost seemed like the two might be part of the Bulshar cult, but considering that showrunner Emily Andras has shown how invested she is in the Way/Haught relationship, the likelihood that Nicole would betray Waverley in that major of a way seems non-existent. There is also the question of the meaning behind Doc’s words to Bobo, “You will remain here until the Earps are dealt with.” It cannot be as ominous as it sounds since his own child is an Earp and he would never hurt her. The meaning must be until the “Earp curse” is dealt with. We won’t get any answers until 2018, which cannot come soon enough.