‘Killjoys’ (Season 3): Aneela and the Lady

The showdown between Dutch and her doppelganger Aneela on the Syfy series Killjoys is fast approaching as the show’s third season will be coming to a close in just a couple of weeks.

The stunning revelation made by Dutch to D’avin, which she learned during her trip down Aneela’s memory lane in last week’s episode, is that her look-alike pulled her from the green plasma – the goo [or more specifically the neurobinder] that turns humans into the Hullen – and that Dutch believes if Aneela is killed she will die as well. They are essentially connected by genetics and whatever happens to Aneela will happen to her too. This puts a completely different take on taking down Aneela for good, doesn’t it?

What’s more troubling is that we learned about “the Lady” – the woman, or entity, or whatever – that exists within the green plasma, that desperately wants out. If Aneela was able to pull Dutch out of the green, can she do the same for “the Lady” and if more disturbing should “the Lady” be permitted into that realm? What or who exactly is “the Lady?” Do we want to need to know?

Of course, this being the world of Killjoys, it is almost apparent that “the Lady” will make an appearance before the end of this current season. What kind of trouble, though, will that cause for Dutch and the army she created before turning said army over to the capable command of D’avin? Will they now have two formidable foes for which to contend? Will “the Lady” be yet another version of Aneela/Dutch or something even worse? Given how dangerous and out-of-control Aneela has proven she can be since her introduction, it stands to reason that “the Lady” could be even worse – if that is even conceivable.

There is also the issue of the research that Aneela had been working on before her ‘right-hand man’ Gander decided to overtake her Hullen Fleet, and then use that research to somehow impregnate Aneela’s lover Kendry. What exactly was Gander planning for this baby? What’s worse is what kind of baby is Kendry going to have? After all, Kendry is Hullen and the baby is some kind of amalgamation created by Aneela? What was Aneela researching? What did she create from that research? And is there any chance that this baby could be a way for “the Lady” to escape from the green plasma? After all this is a science fiction show and anything seems possible in that world?

What are your thoughts on Aneela and the Lady? Do you think that Dutch is correct in believing that if she kills Aneela, she will die too because of their DNA connection? What kind of battle do you think these two very formidable women will end up having against each other? That being said do you think that D’avin’s army will have a chance at taking down Aneela’s fleet? Please share your thoughts on the impending battle in our comments section below.

The penultimate episode of the third season of ‘Killjoys’ will air on Syfy on Friday, August 25 at 8/7c.