‘Shadowhunters” (Season 2): The Battle Is Not Over


Everything that has happened in the second season of the Freeform fantasy series Shadowhunters has been building up to the battle between the demon hunters and their ever-unsteady alliance with the Downworlders (vampires, warlocks, seelies and werewolves) against their common enemy Valentine Morgenstern.

It has been the goal of the Shadowhunters to take Valentine down in whatever way they could no matter the cost. They have worked tirelessly, although in the end unsuccessfully, to stop him from getting the Mortal Instruments – specifically the Soul Sword and the Mortal Cup – which he could use in conjunction with the Mortal Mirror to raise Raziel, the patron angel of the Shadowhunters. By performing a summoning ritual, Valentine would be able to compel Raziel to grant his wish, which is to destroy all of the downworlders and the Shadowhunters who protect them.

As was shown in the summer finale, which aired last night, [SPOILER ALERT: you might want to stop reading if you haven’t watched last night’s finale!!] Clary was actually able to take down her biological father in a rather remarkable fight scene that found her getting the advantage over him after slicing his throat and then stabbing him several times in the chest.

Viewers have known all too well just how much Clary despises her father, but given the fact he mortally wounded Jace with a well-placed knife to the chest, Clary was even more driven to exact her own kind of revenge on her villainous father. But with Valentine out of the way, Clary stepped in to finish the summoning ritual, asking Raziel to save Jace’s life. But the big question is: at what cost? Even Jace knew that bringing someone back from the dead wouldn’t come without paying a price; and given the pain he was going through in that final scene outside the bar, what is happening to him or, more to the point, what will he become?

Needless to say, the battle with Valentine may be over, but that isn’t the only battle for which the Shadowhunters will have to face next. They will not only have to deal with the mysteriously disappearing demons that eventually transformed into the body of a woman who knelt over the lifeless body of Sebastian Verlac (aka Jonathan Morgenstern, Clary’s real brother) but also the fact that Simon made some kind of deal with the Seelie Queen not to mention Ollie, Luke’s cop partner, who asked him how long he has been a werewolf. Yes, the Shadowhunters may have one less battle to wage, but it would seem that they will have several more to take its place.

What are your thoughts on the second season of ‘Shadowhunters’? How did you feel about Clary taking down her father? What do you think is happening to Jace after the angel Raziel gave him his life back? What kind of deal did Simon make with the Sellie Queen, and will he be permitted to leave the Seelie Court? Who is this demon woman kneeling over Sebastian/Jonathan? Is she the “Mother” he called to as he was dying on that beach? Please share your thought on this season of the show and what you think might happen next season in our comments section below.

‘Shadowhunters’ will return for a third season on Freeform sometime in 2018.