‘Teen Wolf’ (Season 6): Everything’s Changed

Season 6

Those two words were uttered by Stiles in the mid-season finale of Teen Wolf back in January; and they really do say it all. “Everything’s changed” for the kids of Beacon Hills High School. A new school year is soon to be starting and the characters who have been a mainstay on the show for the past couple of seasons are dealing with some massive changes; and not changes that have to do with their supernatural powers, but changes due to time.

The new class is moving in, the leaders are moving on and “everything’s changed.” Stiles is in Washington, DC going through Quantico, yep, Stiles is studying to be in the FBI. Lydia and Scott are preparing to leave for college while Malia is not only trying to make light of the weird goings-on in town but also desperately trying to leave for Paris.

Meanwhile, Liam is not only trying to deal with his girlfriend Hayden moving out of town (and acting obnoxiously like a little baby about it, I might add!) but also coming to terms with Scott leaving town and essentially no longer being the Alpha.

Then there are the new people in town. First, there is Tamora Monroe, who is the school’s new guidance counselor; and then there is the new Hellhound, who broke free from the volcanic ash for which he was imprisoned within the walls of Eichen House. Tamora is obviously more than just a simple counselor given that she went up against this Hellhound, taking him down with a bullet to his head. What’s even more unsettlingly is that the Hellhound said, “it won’t stay hidden.” What is IT exactly?!

Things only seemed to get even weirder thanks to Lydia’s latest vision of those creepy spider webs that were layered all over the school, holding strange messages to her especially the one about The Ghost Riders. It would seem that when Scott and his ‘Scooby Gang’ saved Stiles and everyone else from Beacon Hills who were taken, they allowed something from that world to enter into their world; and whatever that something is it’s going to be extremely dangerous.

With only 9 more new episodes to go in the final season, it would appear this final ‘big bad’ is going to be the most lethal creature they have ever had to face; and if the clips for upcoming episodes are also an example, Scott and his not-so-merry band of supernatural friends are going to be facing past villains too; and it’s going to be a question of who makes it out alive.

And, how about Stiles’s reaction to seeing Derek Hale in that Quantico video about an ‘unsub’ that the FBI was tracking in North Carolina, wanted for mass murder. We knew from earlier teaser trailers that Derek would be back, but what exactly has he been doing since he left Beacon Hills. Oh, and to make matters worse, the bullet casing that Scott found where the Hellhound was shot carried the Argent insignia. Just what are the Argents doing now?

To find out what happens next make sure to watch the new episode of the sixth season of ‘Teen Wolf’ on MTV on Sunday, August 6 at 8/7c.