“Game of Thrones” (Season 7): Queen Meets King

Dani and Jon Game of Thrones

It’s been quite a while in coming, but the Queen of Dragons finally met the King of the North on Game of Thrones in Sunday night’s latest episode of the long-running fantasy series.

Unlike any meeting that would have happened between Queen Cersei and anyone she saw as inferior to her (which who isn’t in her mind, to be honest), the meeting between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow was the farthest thing from that inevitable, and what could have been bloody, conclusion.

In fact, while they both stood their ground and spoke their own truth, without Jon bending a knee to Daenerys, I think in some small way they both gained at least a modicum of respect for each other; even if they could not come to terms with who is the rightful person in charge.

I can totally understand Daenerys’s claim to the throne and her desire to have as many allies on her side in the battle with Cersei for the Iron Throne; but I can also understand Jon’s need to convince Daenerys of the threat that the White Walkers and their King pose on everyone in that world.

Credit has to be given to Tyrion Lannister, who was able to get Daenerys to consent to Jon’s request for the dragonglass, one of only two substances that can kill the White Walkers. He will – once allowed to leave Daenerys’s kingdom, of course (who knows how quickly that will be, though!) – hopefully be able to have enough weapons and men to fight the battle with the White Walkers. [Now if only they could convince Daenerys of their existence.]

Did the first meeting between Daenerys and Jon play out the way you thought it would? Were you expecting her to unleash a Dothraki on Jon and his “right-hand man” Davos if he turned her down? [Thankfully she didn’t, but again, I doubt he is going to be permitted to leave her kingdom for a while.] Were you expecting more of a showdown between the two leaders? Did you anticipate Jon bending a knee or did you think he would not consent? Please share your thoughts about the new episode in our comments section below.

Before you do that, however, how about that reunion between Sansa and Bram? Was it a little lackluster to you as it was for me? I was expecting her to be overcome with the realization that he wasn’t dead, but I also expected a bit more from both of them. They are siblings, and I was always under the impression that they actually cared for one another. Their reunion just seemed a bit understated. What did you think?

Then there was Queen Cersei getting her revenge on Ellaria Sand, the woman who poisoned and killed Myrcella, her daughter with twin brother [even writing that makes me throw up in my mouth!]. This will be the only time I side with Cersei in her actions, as what Ellaria did to that poor teenage girl was just unforgiveable; and given how many atrocious actions Cersei has taken against some many people, well, that’s really saying something, don’t you think?

The next new episode of the seventh season of ‘Game of Thrones’ will air on HBO on Sunday, August 6 at 9/8c.