COMIC CON 2017: Timeless Talks Getting Renewed

Timeless - Season 1

On Thursday – the first day of Comic Con 2017 – the cast and executive producers of the resuscitated NBC series Timeless took to the stage to discuss their time-traveling show that was first cancelled by the network and then, three days later as if saved by the members of the lifeboat, was renewed for a second, albeit shortened, season two.

As a way to thank the fans for their concerted effort to help save the show, a special sizzle reel was screened showing how the fans supported the show during its debut run, what happened when the cancellation news broke and how the show was rescued.

Here is that fan salute as created by executive producers and show creators Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan:

The reaction by the audience was, to say the least, ecstatic; and when the men behind the show and the cast, which included Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett and Goran Visnjic, took the stage there was a lot of love being shared.

Eric said they were all stunned by the resurrection, “there was no hint; the news came out of the blue.” He also shared that the network claimed ‘they made a mistake’ and asked that Eric, Shawn and the cast make the announcement to the fans. That is where the videos from Matt and Malcolm came from. The reason Abigail didn’t make a video of her own was because she was asleep and her phone was on mute. When she woke up, there were hundreds of texts, emails and tweets letting her know about the expected and history-making renewal.

Among the subjects discussed during the hour-long panel included:

• How Eric came up with the idea for Rittenhouse, stating that a Rittenhouse was a well-respected Revolutionary War clockmaker and sadly, by using his name in the show they have inadvertently put a rather large blemish on the family;

• The cast shared their favorite time periods, adventures and costumes with Abigail sharing she loved the Bonnie & Clyde episode and clothing while Matt and Malcolm really enjoyed the Alamo episode, getting to ride horses and the cowboy outfits;

• Shawn shared they will be start writing season two episodes in September with filming set to begin in November and the 10-episode season two will air during mid-season (but an official airdate has yet to be announced). They wouldn’t share any teasers about what fans can expect for the next season, but they did state they will “dig deeper into the characters” and will be filming in Los Angeles this season instead of in Canada;

• Malcolm also shared that the lifeboat used in the pilot episode is different – there were small changes made actually – than the lifeboat used during the rest of the season; and,

• While a lot of fans have believed that the cast – especially Malcolm – were ad-libbing during some of the more comical scenes throughout the debut season, all of the cast members concurred that Timeless is a “fully scripted show, but sometimes some things happen and they add stuff in”.

The second season of ‘Timeless’ will air on NBC during mid-season next year.