COMIC CON 2017: The 100 Take to the Stage

The 100

The cast of The 100 – Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Christopher Larkin, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon and Tasya Teles – and the show’s executive producers Jason Rothenberg and Dean White participated in one of the many panels on Friday during Comic Con 2017.

The panel opened with a great trailer, featuring voiceovers by Clarke and her “daughter” Madi (guest star Imogen Tear) telling the story of those from the Ark as they came down to Earth from space, where they had to face off against all the Nations of the Grounders before having to face down Praimfaya.

You can check out the trailer below:

The panel discussion opened up, naturally, with that time jump and the prison ship that descended upon Earth in the season finale, which was very similar to how the 100 juveniles the Ark. Jason, the series creator, shared that “the new prisoners are from Earth and from the same time period as the survivors on the Ark; they have been cryo-sleep for 100 years and coming back to Earth” for a reason. Of course, neither he nor showrunner Dean would elaborate on what we can expect from season five.

However, they did freely share that Madi is obviously not Clarke’s biological daughter, but Clarke has raised her as if she is and that Tasya Teles, who has recurred as Echo since season two, will be a series regular next season.

Each of the cast got to talk about their characters – since spoilers were is short supply during the panel.

• Bob shared that Bellamy has grown up a bit in the six year time jump and it’s “been (quite) a journey” with Bellamy;
• Eliza joked that it was nice to finally play a character who is closer to her own age and shared that Clarke has only ever been about “saving as many of her people as possible”;
• Marie doesn’t think that Octavia has any idea what she’s doing, sharing that she was “trapped under the floor on the Ark and now she’s (seemingly) in the same place now on Earth”
• Lindsey said that Raven feels responsible for the survivors and while she “has gone through a lot” of turmoil in her life on Earth, “she has thrived”
• Richard believes that Murphy is “making amends and has really changed” after all, he joked “a lot of therapy can happen in 6 years”
• Christopher shared that “Harper is Monty’s lifeline,” but in the same breath he shared that “the result of last six years is unknown”.

One of the better questions posed by an audience member was “what is each cast members favorite trait of the character they play”:

Eliza – Clarke’s resilience and selflessness
Bob – How Bellamy holds onto his guilt (said somewhat jokingly)
Marie – How flawed Octavia is and how brave she is in face of fear
Lindsey – Raven’s will and how she never gives up
Richard – Murphy’s relentlessness and his animalistic will
Christopher – He joked that Monty can make alcohol from scratch; in other words, how smart and ingenuitive he is
Tasya – Echo’s strength and loyalty

‘The 100’ will return for a 5th season on The CW sometime in 2018.