‘Shadowhunters” (Season 2): True Colors

Simon and Clary

The last couple of episodes of the second season of Shadowhunters have provided revelations on nearly all of the characters, each of them showing their true colors whether they like it or not.

It all started with the arrival of Sebastian, the new British Shadowhunter, at the New York Institute. Readers of the book series on which the series is based know that Sebastian is the real, biological brother of Clary Fray, but I don’t think any of us were totally prepared for the reveal he made to his [SPOILER ALERT: don’t read any further if you aren’t caught up with the show yet!!] father Valentine. Was anyone else grossed out by what “Sebastian” really looks like, as he shapeshifted in front of Valentine?

Then there is the whole Clary-Simon relationship. Sure, Simon has been “ga-ga” over Clary since they were little kids, that’s no big secret to anyone except Clary – until recently, of course. But, it’s the fact that the show has decided to make them a couple that has surprised some viewers. Her real feelings, though, were put to the test by the Seelie Queen, who made Clary kiss both Simon and Jace in order to be freed from her court. The Seelie Queen took Clary she has to kiss the person she most desires and the lip-lock she planted on Jace had way more passion than any kiss she has shared with Simon. Clary was showing her true colors whether she meant to or not.

Trouble in paradise, for sure!!!

Ever since Magnus and Valentine were forced into each other’s bodies – albeit it very temporarily – by Azazel, Magnus has not been himself. Since being returned to their own bodies, though, Magnus has been fighting visions and memories – the worst memories of his extremely long life – without coming clean with his lover Alec Lightwood. He, too, finally showed his true colors, confessing to Alec what has been keeping him up at night and being distracted most of the time. His mother not only committed suicide when he was a little boy, but Magnus also burned his stepfather alive right where he stood. Can you imagine what that must have been like for young Magnus, carrying that trauma with him for all these centuries?

Luke also showed his true colors against Valentine – wanting to end Valentine’s life during the inaugural cabinet meeting of the heads of the Shadowhunters and the Downworlders. I don’t think any of us can really blame Luke given the decimation Valentine caused to the Downworlders at the end of last season, right? But now that Valentine has escaped the Clave – thanks to Sebastian – what will Luke do next? Or for that matter, what are the Shadowhunters and the Clave going to do in order to get him back? Worse yet, what kind of havoc are Sebastian and Valentine going to wreak upon the Institute, the Downworlders and the Shadowhunters? It’s not going to be pretty that’s for sure.

What do you think of the second season of ‘Shadowhunters’ so far? Do you like the direction the show has taken the characters compared to the books? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Shadowhunters’ will air on Freeform on Monday, July 17 at 8/7c.