‘Good Witch’ (Season 3): I Do, I Do, I Do

Cassie and Sam

The third season of the Hallmark Channel series Good Witch came to a close last night with the ending that most fans of the series have been waiting for: Sam Radford finally proposed to Cassie Nightingale!

When the series debuted back in February of 2015, viewers of the long-running movie franchise, on which the weekly TV series was based, were stunned to learn that Cassie’s husband, Middleton’s much beloved Sheriff Jake Russell, had passed away, they were – admittedly – upset by that revelation.

But enter handsome Sam Radford, who not only moved in next door to Cassie’s bed and breakfast – the beautiful Grey House, which also served as home to Cassie and her now teenaged daughter Grace – but who also was the new town doctor and someone who quickly became an important person in Cassie’s life.

They – naturally – started out as friends, sharing in the ups and downs of being parents to teenagers and growing closer and closer until they eventually became an official couple at the start of this current season.

It may have been hard for fans to see Cassie with anyone else in her life other than Jake, but it’s not like she immediately moved on with another man right after his untimely death. In the first part of the season finale, Grace revealed that her father died when she was 11 years old. That means that Cassie had been a widow for the past 5 years. If she were ready to move on by starting a relationship with Sam, then we, as viewers, could be accepting of her decision, right?

Now, the bigger questions are these: how will Grace and Nick, Sam’s son, react to the news and how will their wedding fare in comparison to the other weddings that have taken place in Middleton?

At first Grace didn’t seem all that thrilled that her mom was dating Sam, but over time she came to terms with it. But now that she and Nick are pretty upset with each other – over Nick’s inability to break up with his girlfriend Courtney not to mention Grace’s lack of keeping her big nose out of his business – they are at odds with each just as their parents get engaged. Awkward!

And, while weddings seem to be plentiful enough in Middleton – they don’t always seem to go according to plan. Will that be the case for Sam and Cassie? Or will Cassie’s witchy abilities help in making sure that things go off without too much of a hitch?

What’s more will they marry at Grey House or go back to where Sam proposed? Will they have a big fancy wedding or something more sedate and simple given they both have been married before? Will everyone in town be receptive to their getting married and help in the preparations?

What do you think? What type of wedding do you want Sam and Cassie to have? Should they have the wedding be featured in the premiere, in the middle of the season or as part of the season finale? Please share your thoughts on Sam and Cassie in our comments section below.

‘Good Witch’ has yet to be officially given a fourth season renewal by the Hallmark Channel, but it should return for its next, new season sometime next year.

UPDATED: The following is a transcript of the poem for which Martha Tinsdale reads at the wedding of Michael and Vanessa. I do not know who wrote this poem or if it was created by the writer of the episode Dean Batali.

“They’re about to say I do. Three little letters, two little words. It’s the simplest part of the day, but there’s nothing simple about the things that will remain unsaid. I do means I do know I could be hurt, but I’m ready to be healed with you. It means I do want to try even when the fear of failure holds me back, and I do not know the future, but I’m ready to be surprised along the way. And I do means I do want your love and I do give you mine and nothing we do will ever be the same because you and I will be doing it all together.”