‘Twin Peaks’ Season 3- Episodes 5-6: Stop And Smell The Blue Rose

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As “Twin Peaks” has progressed slowly but surely- too slowly for some people’s tastes, I gather- the disparate pieces of the puzzle have come together one by one, and a clearer picture of what is going on is starting to form. We’ll get to my theories as to what is going on, but first a quick recap. As I’ll be covering three episodes this time out, I’m only going to hit the highlights, for obvious reasons. (Head here to go straight to Episode 7 and my theories and conclusions, and here for a look at the earlier episodes!)

Episode Five

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In this episode, we find out who was directly in charge of those guys watching over Dougie’s car at Rancho Rosa: a woman named Lorraine (Tammie Baird). Although it’s clear she answers to someone else, and is on pins and needles about Dougie’s whereabouts- with good reason, as we see in the next episode. She’s sporting a shiner on her face, implying that someone roughed her up for “not finishing the job.”

Upon getting an update, she texts someone on her Blackberry: “Argent 2.” We later discover that the “Argent” seems to reference Argentina, where a black box with two tiny LED lights blinks from within a wooden bowl, upon her signal. Please note that Argentina is also where Agent Phillip Jefferies (David Bowie) was last seen before his disappearance and subsequent re-appearance at the FBI headquarters in “FWWM,” which probably isn’t a coincidence.

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Back in Buckhorn, Constance (Jane Adams) completes her autopsy of the male, headless body cops found in a previous episode. There’s a wedding band within his stomach that clearly belongs to Dougie (Kyle MacLachlan) and is inscribed with a message from his wife, Janey-E Jones (Naomi Watts).

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Back in Vegas, Dougie, who is actually a returned Agent Dale Cooper, unbeknownst to everyone at this point- including himself, it would seem- returns to work at Lucky Seven Insurance. Though he’s clearly a bit “off,” no one acts like it’s that big of a deal, for whatever reason, leading us to wonder just how screwed up Dougie was IRL.

At an office meeting, Dougie calls co-worker Tony Sinclair (Tom Sizemore) a liar, much to his chagrin, but doesn’t say why. We see what he sees: a greenish light flashing on his face. This happens as Tony discusses a claim involving arson that he says they have to pay out, as it’s legit- or so he says.

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Dougie’s boss, Bushnell “Battling Bud” Mullins (Don Murray, of “Bus Stop” fame), a former boxer, calls Dougie into his office to discuss what he said, but Dougie isn’t very forthcoming about his accusation. Bushnell gives him a bunch of case files to look over and wants them by tomorrow, telling Dougie he’s on thin ice with his behavior as of late. Remember, he was gone several days, and missed work in the process.

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Back at the Silver Mustang Casino, where Dougie won some 30 jackpots, the supervisor, Burns (Brett Gelman, “Love”) is reamed out by his boss, Rodney Mitchum (Robert Knepper, “Prison Break”), who is convinced that Burns is in on it with Dougie. Mitchum beats Burns down and fires him, then his brother Bradley (Jim Belushi) tells him to leave town and don’t come back. Rodney hires a new supervisor and tells him to let him know if Dougie ever returns.

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Back at Rancho Rosa, the kid across the street from Dougie’s car goes to investigate whatever was placed under the car in a previous episode, after Lorraine’s guys pass by, continuing to monitor the situation. Shortly thereafter, a group of thugs roll up and run the kid off and attempt to steal the car, but as I predicted in my last review, it’s rigged to explode, and it takes several of them with it, while the others head for the hills. Lorraine’s people don’t see this, but no doubt think it was Dougie that got into the car, and is therefore dead and her problem solved.

Meanwhile, Jade (Nafessa Williams) gets her car washed and a key is found on her floorboard- the same one that Dougie had in his pocket in a previous episode. It’s from the Great Northern, and it’s Room 315, aka Agent Cooper’s room when he was staying in Twin Peaks. Jade notes that it says to drop it in a post office box if lost and it will be returned to the hotel, so she does just that.

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Back in Twin Peaks, we meet Shelly’s daughter, Rebecca “Becky” Burnett (Amanda Seyfried, “Mean Girls”), who is married to ne’er do-well Steven (Caleb Landry Jones, “Friday Night Lights”), who we saw unsuccessfully trying to land a job working for none other than Mike Nelson (Gary Hershberger) previously.

Becky borrows some money from her mother, and we see that the two are obviously addicted to drugs, as Becky snorts something shortly thereafter, likely the designer drugs alluded to in a previous episode as having killed a local high school student. I think Norma (Peggy Lipton) suspects what’s really going on, having seen it before first-hand with her ex, Hank.

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Back in Twin Peaks, Hawk (Michael Horse) and Andy (Harry Goaz) continue to search through the Agent Cooper files, but are coming up empty handed. Meanwhile, we see what Dr. Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) was up to with those gold shovels- he’s a internet talk show host that rants about government conspiracies online, in the Alex Jones mold.

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He goes by the moniker Dr. Amp, and is selling them as “Dr. Amp’s gold shit-digging shovels” to dig oneself out of the morass that the government has us all in. If it’s Trump we’re talking about, we’re gonna need a bigger shovel. 🙂

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In Arlington, Virginia, at the Pentagon, Colonel Davis (Ernie Hudson, “Ghostbusters”) is briefed on a hit they received on some fingerprints that were run from the system that seem to match that of Major Briggs (Don Davis). It’s happened some 16 times over the course of 25 years, none of which led to anything, but he sends Lt. Cynthia Knox (Adele René, “The Affair”) to investigate in Buckhorn nonetheless, and says they’ll need to notify the FBI if anything actually turns up this time.

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Back at the Bang Bang Bar, we meet Richard Horne (Eamon Farren, from Jennifer Lynch’s “Chained”)- still no word on how he’s related to the other Hornes- who is approached by none other than Deputy Chad (John Pirruccello, “Incarnate”), who he slips some money to in a cigarette pack. Given that we later discover Richard is involved with running drugs, it seems likely that the reason the police department is coming up empty on trying to stop the influx of drugs into Twin Peaks is because of Chad’s involvement in helping to keep the source hidden.

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Richard, who is clearly getting high on his own supply, sexually harasses a girl there, Charlotte (Grace Victoria Cox, “Under the Dome”) in a decidedly extreme way, letting us know that he’s a loose cannon in the mold of a Frank Booth (“Blue Velvet”). Pal Elizabeth (Jane Levy, the “Evil Dead” remake) intervenes on her friend’s behalf, as Sandie (Giselle DaMier, “The Fosters”) looks on in horror.

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Side note: the band, Trouble, that’s playing at the Roadhouse features none other than Riley Lynch, director David’s son, on lead guitar. It would be a blatant case of nepotism, but the band is kind of awesome, so we’ll let that slide. He crops up as Bing in Episode 7 as well.

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Agent Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell) discovers something off about Mr. C’s- aka the Evil Cooper- fingerprints. Meanwhile, Mr. C. gets a phone call, as per Gordon Cole’s suggestion, while Warden Murphy (James Morrison, “24”) watches and records from the control room. Mr. C. knows they’re watching and makes a big show out who he will call. His suggestion of “Mr. Strawberry” gets a clear rise out of the Warden for unknown reasons.

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Mr. C. dials a rapid fire selection of numbers, which causes the lights to flicker on and off and the alarms to sound at the prison. Then he says “The cow jumped over the moon” and hangs up and it all stops immediately. He then sits and stares creepily at the camera, as those watching wonder what the hell they just witnessed. Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we see the black box device from earlier blink its red lights then shrink, seemingly becoming a small piece of metal.

Episode Six

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We pick up where we left off, with a transfixed Dougie staring at a statue of a cowboy with a gun pointed off into the distance in the plaza in front of his workplace. A security guard takes pity on him and gives him a ride home. The guard spots an yellow envelope on the doorstep and hands it to Dougie’s wife, who thinks it’s part of the case files he’s carrying- at first. Finally realizing something’s really off about Dougie, she says they’ll make a doctor’s appointment for him ASAP.

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While Dougie goes upstairs to say goodnight to Sonny Jim (Pierce Gagnon, “Extant”), Janey looks inside the envelope and sees a photo of Dougie with Jade, leading to a hilarious exchange. “Jade gave two rides,” says Dougie. “I’ll bet she did,” barks Janey. On the back is written “You’re late.” It’s clearly from the bookies Dougie owes money to, who call shortly thereafter. Janey sets up a meet with them to pay them off and berates Dougie for forgetting to do it himself.

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Dougie sets to work on the case files, if you can call it that. He draws a bunch of seemingly random scribbles, such as lines, a staircase and a ladder, and occasionally puts a star by a name or circles it. We see that one of the names is none other than Tony’s, along with Detectives Loomis and Stockton. He also spots Phillip “Mike” Gerard (Al Strobel) in the room, frantically trying to pass along a message from the Black Lodge for Agent Cooper to “Wake up” and “Don’t die” on him.

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Meanwhile, Albert (Miguel Ferrer) goes in search of the mystery lady alluded to in a previous episode by Cole (David Lynch), in regards to the “Blue Rose” cases. He finds her at a bar called Max Von’s and she dismisses him outright. It’s none other than the elusive Diane (Laura Dern, as many predicted would be the case), who is decidedly not happy to see Albert.

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Richard meets with his drug connection from out of town, Red (Balthazar Getty, “Lost Highway”), who’ll you’ll recall Shelley pseudo-flirting with at the Roadhouse. Like mother, like daughter. Red mentions how much he likes Twin Peaks, and infers he might be spending more time there. He warns Richard not to screw him, in terms of dealing his drugs- obviously Red is the one importing designer drugs in, likely from Canada, by way of China.

Red tells Richard to pick up the rest of the shipment at Miriam’s, telling him if he fails to do so, he’ll kill him. Red is quite the character, practicing Kung Fu moves, not unlike Sailor (Nicolas Cage) in “Wild at Heart” and doing oddball magic tricks, including one in which he flips a dime and makes it hang in the air for an unbelievable amount of time before it crops up in Richard’s mouth, and then makes its way back to his hand. Richard is not amused.

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We then check in with the “New” Fat Trout Trailer Park, which was formerly located in Deer Meadow in “Fire Walk With Me.” It now seems to be located that much closer to Twin Peaks. Carl (Harry Dean Stanton) catches a ride into town with Bill, along with Nathan, who makes mention of a handicapped woman named Linda. You’ll recall the Giant in the Black Lodge mentioning a Richard and Linda to Coop. Might Richard Horne be the Richard and this be the Linda in question?

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At the RR Diner, we see a return from another original cast member, Heidi (Andrea Hays), still as giggly as ever. She talks to local teacher… Miriam (Sarah Jean Long), who is picking up an order. Could it be the same one mentioned by Red? She certainly leaves a big tip, according to the other girls, who mention that she shouldn’t be able to afford it. Maybe she can now. (Although it’s possible Red might have said Marianne- maybe someone can confirm this?)

Carl goes to the park, staring wistfully at the trees, and watching a mother play with her son. At the same time, a drugged-out, hopped-up Richard, still ticked off by the way Red condescended down to him and threatened him, approaches the intersection by the park, in the same location as Laura (Sheryl Lee) and Leland (Ray Wise) were confronted by Mike in a memorably intense scene in “FWWM.”

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He bypasses some cars stopped to let the boy and his mother pass, and runs down the poor kid, much to everyone in the area’s horror. Was it me, or was this scene perversely funny, possibly on purpose? Lynch seemed to be spoofing the overly-emotional hysterics of the “Twin Peaks” pilot episode, much in the same way he wryly had Shelly refer to James as “cool” in a previous episode, when he was anything but, really. Or maybe it was just the overacting by the crowd extras. Or maybe I’m a weirdo, lol. Either way, I certainly didn’t react like that to, say, a similar scene in “Pet Sematary,” so…

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Miriam sees it all, including the driver of the truck, Richard, who sees him seeing her as well. Carl comforts the mother as he sees what appears to be the boy’s soul ascend into the sky, as a sort of yellow cloud. The camera pans up to a telephone pole in the area, and we see that it is also from “FWWM”- it’s labeled with the number 6, with the numbers 324810 underneath.

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(For those who don’t remember, it’s the same pole seen at the “old” Fat Trout Trailer Park, in the area from which Agent Desmond disappeared and which the old lady and her grandson, aka the Tremonds, aka the Chalfonts, stayed at on two particular occasions remembered by Carl. You might also recall that they were the ones who gave Laura the picture she hung on her wall, which caused her to “dream” of the Black Lodge and Agent Cooper, as well as the ones who interacted with Donna and left her some of the missing pages from Laura’s diary.)

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Back in Vegas, Duncan Todd (Patrick Fischler), the man who seemingly worked on behalf of Mr. C.- or at the very least someone really shady- gets a signal on his computer from someone. He gets up and retrieves a file with a red dot on it from within a safe, taking care not to touch it as he places it on his desk, and looking at it nervously.

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Later, someone delivers it under the door of the motel room inhabited by one Ike “The Spike” Stadtler (Christophe Zajac-Denek, “Tales of Halloween,” in an indelible performance). Inside are photos of Lorraine and Dougie. As we see, he lives up to his name, as he is brandishing an ice pick, which he will use to not only kill Lorraine with, but a poor unfortunate soul who happens to witness the attack in a somewhat hilariously over-the-top sequence. (Once again, it may just me that finds this stuff funny.)

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Dougie’s boss calls him into his office and looks over his “notes” on the case files he gave Dougie to review. Mullins is unamused by Dougie’s doodles at first, but then notices a pattern which gets his attention. He thanks Dougie for his assistance in the matter and tells him he might need his help again, warning him to keep this to himself until Mullins can check it out. Tony is clearly unnerved by all of this as he takes note of it from his office.

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In a great scene, Janey meets with the bookies Dougie owes money to, one of which is Jeremy Davies, of “Lost” fame, who also cropped up as Jesus “Prime” on the “American Gods” finale. She dresses them down for being greedy and rants about the 99%, sounding a bit like Dr. Jacoby in the previous episode, but more rational- but only slightly more. She offers them $25,000, which is less than they asked for, and tells them to take it or leave it and never to darken her doorstep again. “Tough dame,” says Davies. Indeed.

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Richard cleans off the blood from the hit-and-run from the grill of his truck and unwisely tosses the cloth he used, along with the water bottle into the nearby woods. Meanwhile, back at the police station, Hawk drops a buffalo nickel onto the bathroom floor and bends down to retrieve it and spots an insignia on one of the stall doors.

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It reads Nez Perce, which from the book “The Secret Life of Twin Peaks” we know to be Hawk’s tribe. Hawk takes this as a sign, remembering that the Log Lady referenced his heritage in her clues, and he pries the covering off of the stall door. He discovers several pieces of paper with writing on them hidden inside.

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We also find out why the Sheriff’s wife, Doris (Candy Clark, “The Man Who Fell to Earth”) is so tightly wound- it seems her son, a military vet, killed himself after PTSD got the better of him upon his return, according to one of Twin Peaks cops. It also explains why Sheriff Truman is so patient with her hysterics.

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Chad is not very sympathetic to this, but then, he’s not particularly sympathetic to anything in general. Chad is kind of a dick, in fact. We close the episode with a excellent performance from Sharon Von Etten at the Roadhouse. Keep those guest rockers coming!

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Check out my review of Episode Seven here, as well as my theories and conclusions about the show thus far!