Wynonna Earp Season 2: Bigger, Badder, and Sexier

Wynonna Earp - Season 2

Before tonight’s new episode, let’s chat all things Wynonna Earp. In last week’s episode, we picked up from where season 1 left off, but there are changes in the air going forward. Dolls is still on his own, Waverly is possessed by something (Bobo’s spirit?) and Wynonna is dealing with the aftermath of killing her sister. While there are uncertainties for the characters, the show as a whole feels like it’s found its footing. Season 2 is more confident and avoids some of the stumbles from season 1. Here are some thoughts about the premiere and direction we’re heading in.

1. Demon special effects look way better. Maybe it’s the second season budget boost, but the demon special effects are far more impressive than last season’s glowy eyes. It looks like we’re moving beyond Revenants and going to have a whole bunch of new demons making the move into Earp territory. This should make for some awesome battles.

2. Fan favorite WayHaught is heating up. Black-eyed Waverly is off her game, but that’s not stopping her from enthusiastically pursuing her new girlfriend. The couple is out of sync, however, which is going to create some drama going forward. Is there a chance that Waverly’s going to mess everything up? I predict Nicole is in it for the long haul and while there may be some bumps ahead, this couple is here to stay.

4. Many fans will have recognized Rachel Skarsten from Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras’ last show, Lost Girl. She pops up as Eliza, Dolls’ work buddy. She brings out Wyonna’s jealous side and her mere presence tells us that we actually know very little about Dolls. It would have been great if she’d stayed around for more episodes, but the manner of her departure leaves no doubt that Black Badge means business.

5. We’re shooting head first into a love triangle. I am not super thrilled about the Dolls/Wynonna/Doc triangle. It feels forced and way to reminiscent of the Lost Girl triangle. I don’t feel any chemistry between Dolls and Wynonna. I get that Dolls is her partner so she would feel protective and care for him, but I’m not feeling the romantic angle. Dolls is played very straight and without the playful flirtation that exists between Doc and Wynonna I’m not feeling the love. This begs the question; do we need a love triangle?

6. Bromance is in the air. When Dolls finds out his friends have come to rescue him, he mentions Wynonna and Doc. It seems like the boys are now firmly on the same side of the fight. I’m looking forward to seeing how they work together.

7. Is there a nerdy sidekick in the gang’s future? Jeremy (Varun Saranga) is the unfortunate victim of Waverly’s plan to bust Dolls out of Black Badge prison. And it looks like he’s joining Team Purgatory. His character will be a fun addition – we need an outsider to provide snarky comments on all the soap opera drama of the Earp ladies.

8. Tim Rozon was born to play Doc Holliday. There is a touching vulnerability that Doc has towards Wynonna that manages to stear clear of fawning devotion. Doc still feels unpredictable, even though we know he’s loyal to the gang. There’s more to him and his story that we haven’t seen and I hope it unfolds over the season.

The beginning of season 2 is definitely a sexy, ass-kicking romp, chock full of sarcastic one-liners, and it’s only going to get better. What did you think of the premiere and what do you want to see happen in season 2?