‘Arrow’ (Season 5): The Lian Yu Dead Pool

After a few seasons of fairly disappointing finales, Arrow certainly swung for the fences this year, didn’t it? Taking us back to Lian Yu to wrap up the five seasons and bring the long flashback journey of Oliver Queen to an end made for a fantastic end to the show’s strongest season and years, a finish that literally went out with a bang.

Of course, barring the producers legitimately going crazy and killing off every major supporting character on the show, it’s hard to imagine that most, if not all, of the characters will have found a way to survive Adrian Chase’s explosive finisher. The question, then, is who would the show be willing to kill off, and who is more than likely returning to the ranks of Team Arrow next season.

For this, we’ll ignore announced cast changes, as there’s every chance actors being promoted to series regular status was a clever decoy, not to mention the many different ways dead characters can pop back up in the Arrowverse. Instead, this will be a strict look at in-universe importance and roles on the show. With that said, let’s take a look at who’s safe, and who’s probably not making it off of Purgatory.

Starting with a few of the more minor characters, if any of the bad guys are likely to go, I’d say this was the end of the road for Captain Boomerang and Evelyn. The former was of course just around because, well, he was also in Slade’s prison, but the show never really returned Evelyn to any sort of prominence, despite her importance as a new recruit early on. Plus, she was isolated from the rest of the team when the explosion happened, meaning nobody was around to save her. The same could admittedly be said about the unconscious Talia, but I imagine the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul had enough foresight to have her own way out; I’d not be surprised to see Talia pop back up.

Moving to the guest heroes of the night, Malcolm’s off-screen “death” all but guarantees he’s still alive in some form or another, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still a long while before we see him again. As for Slade and Nyssa, I’d put good money on Slade being the more likely of the two to bite the bucket. Given all his guilt and newly remembered affection for Oliver, I think he’d be more than willing to make the sacrifice play in order to save everyone else, and the death of Oliver’s closest Lian Yu companion with the island itself would be a fitting end.

As for the main team, it’s hard to tell who else exactly would be likely to go. Thea has left the team a lot this year, and though she’d be missed, the show has proven it can work without her. Similarly, the show seems to still be having a hard time figuring out exactly what Curtis’ role is, so he could be on the chopping block as well. And of course, Felicity’s death just as she and Oliver had reconciled would be a real tragedy, though I’m hoping the show doesn’t give our Emerald Archer such a major blow.

Meanwhile, I feel like Rene and Dinah are both safe, as they’ve just gotten started with major storylines – getting his daughter back and truly becoming Black Canary, respectively – and are likable, charismatic presences. And short of the actors wanting to leave the show, I don’t think the producers would ever be crazy enough to kill off a fan-favorites like Quentin and Diggle without giving them a proper conclusion.

So that seems like a solid breakdown, though only the producers really know one way or the other. If I had to make a definitive call, I’m guessing that we’ll lose one major hero, with Curtis or, sadly, Felicity being the most likely candidate. We’ll just have to wait for this fall to see for sure. But what say you? Let us know who you think might die in the comments below!