POLL: What Do You Think About the Dark Third Season on The Flash?

Barry, Iris, Kara, Joe, Killer Frost - The Flash

Spoiler alert – I make brief mention of events from the season finale that aired 5/23/2017, so if you have not watched it, you may want to wait until you see it to read this article.

The Flash just wrapped its third season. In many ways, this has been a very dark and angsty season, with a lot of hand-wringing, regrets, and anxiety. I think it is fair to say that the journey to the darkness began with Barry’s creation of the alternate reality Flashpoint. While the premiere episode of season three was not out of the ordinary, once Barry reset Flashpoint in an attempt to restore the timeline, things took a decidedly different tone for the remainder of the season. He was of course not able to restore things to exactly the way they had been. Repeat after me, Barry, “time travel comes with consequences.” Below please find different options for voting on the season overall, and then a final open-ended option to express your ideas if they do not fit one of my categories.

It’s Too Dark

Barry and Kara - The Flash

Do you feel that the darkness of the stories and characters this season was just too much? The third season of The Flash definitely did not have a lot of light moments. The Flash’s first two seasons were always grounded in hope and love. The very somber, tortured stuff was left to the likes of Arrow, Supernatural, and of course, The 100. But, this season has been almost relentless gloominess. The two bits of light after the premiere episode this season were the musical episode “Duet,” and the parts of “Cause and Effect” where Barry lost his memories and became the Barry Allen we loved from the first two seasons.

Do you miss the tone from the first two seasons? Do you miss the lighthearted Barry Allen we saw during that time? If so, then vote for this option.

It’s OK, as Long as it is Temporary

Killer Frost - The Flash

Are you someone who can deal with something if it is of short duration? I know that many times I tell myself “I can do this for the [X] months duration.” It is as if having an ending point in sight makes unpleasant tasks more tolerable. So, maybe you are ok with the dismal tone of the third season as long as the fourth season will be lighter.

Ultimately, The Flash needs to decide what direction it is going in. Is it heading down the dark path to join Arrow and The 100, or will it return to upbeat fare like Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? If you feel a reversal is in order but did not mind the third season, then vote for this option.

I Like a Balance Between Dark and Light

Barry and Iris - The Flash

Maybe you feel that the first season was a bit too sunny. Perhaps you would be happy with a cross between Barry Allen and Oliver Queen. After all, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow both are providing the hope and fun on the CW, so maybe it is ok for Barry and friends to go dark for some episodes!

Would you be ok with having a mixture of darkness and light for future episodes of The Flash? Some angst and some silliness? If so, then vote for this option.

The Darker, the Better

Joe - The Flash

Maybe it is inevitable for a superhero show to eventually turn towards more serious stories, so we can expect that all the Arrowverse shows will eventually go down that path. And, maybe you are ok with that idea, because you enjoy the angsty type of characters and plots.

So, if you like the dark direction of the third season, and want to see more, much more, in the fourth season, then please vote for this option.

I Need Another Choice!

question mark

Is there a category I missed? Some other way you feel about The Flash third season storyline? If so, then vote for this option and please be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


My vote is for It’s Ok, As Long as it is Temporary. I get that sometimes stories need to go dark to help move the characters and plot along, but I would rather The Flash put more emphasis on the lighter stories like it did in the first two seasons. During the season three finale, I started to see glimmers of hope, and thought maybe the fourth season would be more like the first season, but then the ending happened, and well, not so sure anymore!

What do you think? How did you vote, and what are your feelings on the third season overall? Please be sure to let me know in the comments section below! I really enjoy discussing this with you guys!


Before I close, I do have a small announcement. After almost six years writing for TV Equals, I am sad to announce this will be my final article. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing weekly TV Chats, and Americ and Sandrine are the best bosses in the world – truly wonderful people! But, as tends to happen, life events are changing and I need to focus my attention elsewhere and will have less free time than I do now. However, I will still be around in the comments section of the site since, you know, I can’t resist expressing my opinions. LOL…