Jane the Virgin (Season 3): Choices


Life is full of choices; and choosing played a critical part in the season finale of Jane the Virgin on Monday night. It especially was an important part of the wedding ceremony between Rogelio and Xiomara, who FINALLY tied the knot with their beloved daughter Jane serving as their officiant [thanks to her becoming ordained online much to the chagrin of her devout Abuela.]

Other choices that played an important part in the finale or as a result of actions that took place in last week’s episode included:

• Rafael’s sister Luisa made a choice to return to the Marbella with her lover Eileen (who is actually Rose aka Sin Rostro in disguise) all due to a ruse constructed by Rafe to get them back so the police could arrest them [Rose after all is a wanted woman];

• Petra chose Rafael – despite her misgivings about their extremely rocky relationship – only to be duped by her gun-wielding identical twin Anezka, who learned the truth about her sister’s involvement in the break-up of her marriage to the late Scott;

• Luisa chose to confront her brother Rafael about the codicil to their father’s will [given to her by Petra’s twin Anezka] that revealed Rafe isn’t her brother after all and everything (the hotel, the family money, everything) belongs to her and only her;

• On the day of their marriage, Rogelio and Xiomara actually chose to sit-down with Ro’s former flame Darcy to have a heated discussion about Ro’s involvement in the life of her very-soon-to-be-born baby; and,

• Jane chose to return to the quaint apartment she shared with her late husband Michael in order to attempt to find a letter he wrote to her before they exchanged their vows; and ironically [or not] she was reunited with her first love, Adam, who just so happened to – at one time – live in that same quaint apartment.

Again, life is full of choices and all of the characters in the world of ‘Jane the Virgin’ made small, big and/or monumental choices during the finale, but what the outcomes of those decisions will be is anyone’s guess.

Will Rose find a way out of prison or will Luisa use the Solano fortune to get her lover out of prison? Is there even a way for Rose to get out of police custody at this point given all that she has done? What will Anezka do to Petra? Will she have enough nerve to pull the trigger and harm her “beautiful sister?” Will Petra figure out a way to talk her awkward sister down off the proverbial limb? Will Rogelio be able to get through to Darcy about sharing custody of their baby? And, if so, will Xiomara be able to deal with another baby when she clearly did not want any more children? What will Jane do about her first love Adam? Is Jane destined to be with him? Or, given the ‘feeling’ that Jane’s mom had about Jane and Rafael, is Jane really destined to be with Rafe? What are your thoughts about season three and what do you think might happen in season four? Please share your thoughts below.

The fourth season of ‘Jane the Virgin’ will return to The CW on Monday at 9/8c sometime this fall.