‘Supernatural’ (Season 12): Another One Bites the Dust and Another One and Another One


The 12th season of Supernatural came to a climatic ending this past Thursday night with back-to-back episodes; first with the brothers and their unexpected “guest” – Lady Bevell – being trapped inside the nearly impenetrable walls of the Men of Letters bunker at the hands of Mr. Ketch and their mother Mary, who – for all intents and purposes – had been brainwashed to work for the British Men of Letters, taking down all the American hunters; and then second, the brothers and Mary facing down Lucifer – once again – before the birth of his son.

Needless to say, it was an emotional two-hours for various reasons. In the first hour, the main focus was on Dean with the help of Lady Bevell and her cobbled-together machine that allowed him to transport himself inside his mother’s mind to break the heavily-laced wards that turned her into a cold-blooded killer.

But it was the aftermath of that unexpected dream-walk that seemed to lay the path for things to come in the second hour of the finale. Lady Bevell lost her life to Mr. Ketch, who forced his way inside the Men of Letters bunker to stop Dean from reversing the brainwash. He failed at that endeavor, however, with Mary taking him down once and for all. Those two deaths – though deserved they may have been – weren’t the only deaths that were to take place, as the second hour played out. Several hunters were lost in taking down the British Men of Letters supposedly well-fortified warehouse and Dr. Hess, that vile woman who ran that organization, got her just rewards at the hand of Jody Mills.

It was made clear early on in her pregnancy that Kelly Kline – the vessel being used for Lucifer’s child (even writing that sends shivers down my spine) – would not survive the “baby’s” birth. But what was extremely unexpected – although perhaps given how long this show has been on the air and how many times characters have perished – was the volume of loss that was sustained as the season finale came to a close. [SPOILER ALERT: If you are not caught up with ‘Supernatural’ at this point…please tread lightly as there are major spoilers coming below.]

In an attempt to trap Lucifer in an alternate reality of Earth – where [GASP!] we got to see a very different version of a much-alive Bobby Singer [please tell me this might give us the chance to see more of Bobby next season, please, please?!] – Crowley sacrificed his life in a spell that should have worked but didn’t and Castiel was taken down by Lucifer. To make matters worse, Mary inadvertently ended up trapped with Lucifer in the alternate reality while the brothers Winchester were left on their own with the newly born son of Satan, who literally burst forth from Kelly’s womb in a blaze of light and, once discovered, by Sam was in the body of a fully formed grown human being with blazing yellow eyes.

While it is easy to say that things are dire for all the characters (and they are), but this is ‘Supernatural’ after all and deaths don’t always take; characters figure out ways to survive and just because situations appear dire in the season finale, as the season premiere for the next season normally plays out, things get resolved. That doesn’t help alleviate the pain of losing Castiel or the concern over the fate of Mary Winchester, though. What are your thoughts on the finale of ‘Supernatural’? Please share your thoughts below.

‘Supernatural’ will return this fall on The CW for its 13th season on its new night: Thursdays at 8 PM.