‘Blindspot’ (Season 2): It’s the Final Countdown


The second season of Blindspot came to a close on Wednesday night, bringing all the pieces of Shepard’s devious plans for the United States into play.

After the fateful events of the takedown in the FBI’s New York Office, which claimed the life of FBI Director Pellington as well as a Zapata being critically wounded, Kurt Weller was taken into protective custody by the secret service. It turned out that he and many of the other “next-in-the-line-of-succession” officers of the many branches of government – under a program known as COG’s – were forced into a secret bunker where each of them would take over their respective branches should the government fall.

Given what happened around the country by Shepard and her minions – the explosions at two crucial government buildings [despite other buildings being saved], it seemed imperative to safeguard against any further lose. This was just one of many steps that Shepard has had planned for quite some time to radically change the landscape of America.

To make matters worse, Roman was released from FBI custody during Shepard’s takedown of the New York office, rejoining her team in their pursuit of overthrowing the government by devastating means. Those means included a satellite that was sent into space by billionaire Zach Riley that contained a special glider that would hone in on a beacon, taking out all the top government officials who had to meet due to the explosions. That beacon was contained inside a lead-lined ambulance manned by Shepard and Roman.

Thankfully, Weller and Jane along with a heavily armed group of agents were able to stop the ambulance from reaching its intended target, but stopping the glider from connecting with the ambulance was a different story. Leave it to Patterson, though; she was able to figure out a way to slow the descent of that glider while Weller did everything in his power to stop the beacon, which had been swallowed by Shepard [even in soap operas you couldn’t make this stuff up].

In the end, Weller used a defibrillator to shut down the beacon inside Shepard’s body and in the process he was finally able to take her down. The same couldn’t be said about Jane taking down her brother Roman, as she just couldn’t pull that target in the end even though I’m sure he would have taken her down if given the chance.

With Shepard now buried deep within a CIA black site where she would be interrogated by none other than Nas Kamal, the team was finally able to stop Sandstorm for good. This allowed the team to celebrate their win and for Weller and Jane to consummate their budding relationship.

But just as things were looking good for them all, the show ended with a two-year time jump that found Weller and Jane very far apart – literally in terms of geography – and let’s not talk about his wearing a wedding ring and having searched for Jane for a long time – AND revealed that Patterson, Zapata and Reade are all missing. Could it be Roman who took them? Or is there a new big bad? And what is with that Jane Doe FBI box that can only be opened by Weller’s and Jane’s fingerprints? Worse yet, what was with that piece of metal that made Jane light up like a glow worm?
Relive that final scene below:

So many questions and so much time to have to wait for answers. What do you think of that time-jump ending and all that went down during those few minutes? How do you think it will all play out next season? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

‘Blindspot’ will be back for a third season on NBC sometime in the fall, moving to its new night on Fridays at 8 PM.