‘The 100’ (Season 4): Whatever The Hell We Want


In the first season of The 100, the 100 juveniles, who were sent down to a much-changed Earth (97 years after a nuclear apocalypse) from the long-in-space space station The Ark, came up with a mantra: they would do “whatever the hell we want.”

Those kids were determined to live their lives on their own terms (especially given they were basically prisoners on The Ark), doing whatever the hell they wanted whenever the hell they wanted on their new terra firma.

Except for one big problem!

There were survivors on Earth, who may have appeared to be human, but most of them were anything but that. The juveniles first encountered The Grounders, mutated humans who were set on destroying anyone not of that Earth.

As the first season played out and the 100 juveniles kept losing more and more of their numbers to The Grounders, war was inevitable. That season ended with the surviving members of the 100 defeating The Grounders by using the rocket on the drop-ship [the small ship that dropped the juveniles on Earth from The Ark] to basically burn the Grounders to a crisp.

Of course that mantra: “whatever the hell we want” came back into play this season. It was used in this week’s new episode, as Jasper and the small band of Skaikru members (the name given to the survivors of The Ark who made it Earth), who decided not to depart the remnants of Arkadia for the newly discovered bunker that will hopefully protect them from the on-coming fireball from the melt down of the remaining nuclear power plants left on the planet.

That small band of men and women want to go out on their own terms rather than living underground in a bunker. To them having to be in that bunker is no different than the way they were living on The Ark. I can’t say that I agree with their decision – who wants to die in a fireball, seriously? – but, I can respect their decision because it is their lives.

As we edge closer to the end of the show’s current season, though, the lives of all of the survivors on Earth are in jeopardy because the warring clans cannot move beyond their decades-old hatred, joining together to live in the underground bunker. The final decision of who will get to live out their days in the bunker will be determined by a one-on-one-on-one battle among the 13 clans. There can only be one winner. Whoever that winner represents, their clan will get the bunker.

What do you think about that mantra? Is it just something that teens say to excuse their actions? Or has it become something even more important given all that has happened within the world of ‘The 100’? What are your thoughts on the upcoming warrior battle? Who do you think will be the victor? Or, do you think that Clarke will have one final ace up her sleeve in order to save as many people as possible? Please share your thoughts below.

The next new episode of the fourth season of ‘The 100’ will air on The CW on Wednesday, May 3 at 9/8c.