‘Supernatural’ (Season 12): The Name is Ketch, Mr. Ketch

Mr. Ketch

The character of Mr. Ketch (guest star David Haydn-Jones) has only appeared in 9 episodes of Supernatural during the show’s current, 12th season, but in that amount of time he has made quite the impression: and most of that has not been good.

His first appearance was as a tracker not only following the brothers Winchester, but also hunting down those creatures that go bump in the night that the brothers let go free. It was his job to take them down because that is the top rule of the British Men of Letters. They don’t let any creature walk away.

Since then he has been a reluctant compatriot to the brothers Winchester, even working with Mama Winchester to bring down creatures. In a – shall we say – not unexpected, albeit less than desirable, twist Mr. Ketch and Mary even had a one-night tryst that seemed to mean a lot more to Ketch than to Mama Winchester, especially given that he stole Dean’s only picture of himself and his mother from his youth. You remember that violation of the Men of Letters underground bunker conducted by Ketch and two of his minions while the brothers were out hunting down yet another monster?

That move alone is going to have Dean infuriated with Ketch and his British organization even more so than he is already. Just wait until both of the brothers learn that Ketch killed Mick Davies (guest star Adam Fergus) too. The beat-down that Ketch is going to receive from Sam and Dean isn’t going to be pretty, but more than deserved.

The big question is: what exactly does Mr. Ketch and the “Dragon Lady” in charge of the British Men of Letters have planned for the brothers? They could easily just take Sam and Dean down because they are better equipped and basically have an army that could go after the brothers. So what are they waiting for? Do you think the brothers will find any of the bugs that were planted throughout the bunker? What’s more don’t you think that Dean is going to notice that his only picture of his younger self and his mother is missing?

And what’s more, has Mama Winchester even given Mr. Ketch a second thought after their one night together? I really doubt it! So what is going on with Mr. Ketch? From what we’ve seen of him, he doesn’t seem to “need” anyone so why has he seemingly latched on to Mary? Is there some real emotion behind his actions or is there something more nefarious going on?

What are your thoughts on Mr. Ketch? What do you think the British Men of Letters have planned for the brothers Winchester? Do you have an unsettling feeling about what Ketch will try next with Mary? What do you think Sam and Dean are going to do to Ketch once they learn about his tryst with their mom, killing Mick and the B&E he committed on the bunker? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the 12th season of ‘Supernatural’ will air on The CW on Thursday, April 27 at 9/8c.