Jane the Virgin (Season 3): What Next?

Chapter Fifty-Six

We have less than a week before Jane the Virgin is back with new episodes of its third season on The CW. And since the show’s premiere episode in October, viewers have seen Jane Villanueva (series lead Gina Rodriguez) go through the gauntlet.

Her husband Michael was shot on their wedding night. He was in dire straits with Jane having to deal with the horrible, possible consequence that he might die. But thankfully for Jane, Michael survived the near fatal shooting, but his recovery was very slow-going. Jane was always supportive, even if she secretly hoped that he would never be able to work as a cop again.

Michael did eventually recover, but not enough so that he could get his detective career back. In fact, he was forced to work desk duty, something that he did not enjoy doing at all. In the end, Michael ended up quitting his job and becoming a bit aimless. He tried being a stand-up comedian and then he landed on the idea of becoming a lawyer. Just as he took the LSAT, though, his injury from their wedding night, rather unexpectedly claimed his life.

As fans saw play out in “Chapter Fifty-Four,” Jane was understandably devastated by his death; and before fans even had time to grieve, the show jumped three years ahead with an all-new Jane living her life without her Michael.

And now it would seem that Jane – after finally coming to terms with her loss – is ready to move on. Not only is she soon to be a published author – the book she wrote about her relationship with Michael (one set in a much different time period) is actually going to be published! – but she also seemed ready to move on in her love life.

In the last new episode of the current season, which aired at the end of March, Jane was enamored by her dad Rogelio’s new co-star Fabian. So, will we see Jane “get her freak on” with Fabian when the show returns with new episodes started next week? Or, once she gets that infatuation out of her system, will she move on to a more serious relationship? And if so, what type of man will she end up with: one that is more like Michael or maybe more like Rafael or somewhere in between?

How will Jane react once her book is published? What kind of reviews – from critics and readers alike – do you think she will get? And more importantly how will she react to those reviews? If they are good, will the fame and notoriety go to head? If they aren’t such good reviews, will it set her back? Again, depending on how her book is received, will Jane write another book; and if so, what will the premise be?

What do you think Jane will do next? Will she have a lingering fling with Fabian and then move on? What kind of reaction do you think her book will receive? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the third season of ‘Jane the Virgin’ will air on The CW on Monday, April 24 at 9/8c.