‘Once Upon a Time’ (Season 6): True Love Wins Out

Snow and Emma

One of the primary tenets within the world of Once Upon a Time is that true love always wins out.

That has never been more obvious than in the love affair between Snow White and Prince Charming. From the very beginning, it has been very obvious that these two were destined to be with each other, sharing a love deeper than any curse could control.

That same kind of love has also developed between their daughter Emma and her paramour Captain Hook (aka Killian Jones). This couple’s path to true love was a bit rockier than her parents, but that doesn’t mean it is any less real or any less strong than her adoring parents.

While both couples may share true love, they certainly have had their fair share of obstacles to being together. Those obstacles – at least for Snow and Charming – have primarily been directed at them by the Evil Queen.

As for Emma and Killian, their obstacles have been a bit more varied. The latest obstacle came in the form Gideon, the now grown son of Belle and Rumpelstiltskin, who has been on an unlucky mission to destroy his “adoptive” mother the Black Fairy.

His desire to kill Emma in order to harness her power to bring down the Black Fairy backfired so he banished Killian to other realms; namely Neverland, in order to keep them apart.

But, true love always wins out.

Pixie dust was able to reunite (albeit briefly) Snow and Charming during the days of the Dark Curse – which was laid upon them and everyone in the Enchanted Forest, transporting them to Storybrooke, Maine for nearly three decades – and that same pixie dust was used by Emma to rescue Killian from the hands of the murderous Lost Boys in Neverland.

Yet another curse had currently been keeping Emma’s parents apart and the newly discovered pixie dust (for which Emma and Snow hunted down) was going to finally save them, but Snow made Emma use what little magic from that dust was left to save Killian because she not only needed him, but true love had to win out for them.

While it looked bleak that Snow and Charming would always be kept apart, the townspeople of Storybrooke banded together – under the guidance of a newly redeemed and Evil Queen-less Regina – to each take on a small portion of the sleeping curse, FINALLY allowing Snow and Charming to be awake at the same time. True love won out once again.

The two main couples from that fairytale world are now back together, but their biggest fight is still ahead. Emma – as the savior – will need to stand and fight the Black Fairy, supposedly the worst evil any of them will ever have to face. There is no way that true love will win out where this “final battle” is concerned, but if it can work in any way, it will surely be needed in this instance.

Are you happy that Emma and Hook as well as Snow and Charming are finally reunited? What do you think will happen in the final battle against the Black Fairy? Please share your comments below.

The next new episode of the sixth season of ‘Once Upon a Time’ will air on ABC on Sunday, April 23 at 8/7c.