‘Blindspot’ (Season 2): Is Roman a Ticking Time Bomb

Blindspot - Season 2

As viewers of Blindspot have seen since the second season premiere episode, the new character of Roman – who was born Ian Kruger, the biological brother of Jane Doe, who was born Alice Kruger – has not only been a wild card but also a ruthless killer, working on the side of Sandstorm, the terrorist organization for which Weller and his FBI team have been hunting.

From his first introduction, it was made clear that there was more than meets the eye behind Roman. That quickly became apparent when he took down several cops while trying to get Jane to safety. It was then soon revealed that he helped wipe Jane’s memory and they were both the adopted children of Shepard, the maniacal leader of Sandstorm.

While Jane attempted to work both sides of the game, working with the FBI to get as much intel on Sandstorm through Roman as possible, Roman was attempting to bring his sister Jane back into the fold by sharing memories of their past; both in the orphanage where they lived after their parents were murdered and working side-by-side within Sandstorm.

Once the truth was revealed, though – that Jane was not on their side and was fully invested in taking down Sandstorm – Roman not only felt betrayed but also agreed with his “mother” that Jane and the FBI team had to be eliminated.

After the horrible incident where Sandstorm imploded that building with all of the FBI inside – where the main characters all made it out alive [almost too impossible to believe, right?] – Jane took a very unexpected step: she injected Roman with Zip, the same experimental drug that was used to cause her own memory wipe.

Much like how Jane awoke in Times Square with no memory of who she was or why she was stuffed naked inside a bag covered nearly head to foot in tattoos, Roman awoke in a car being driven by Jane with no memory of who he was or why he was in that car with Jane.

It’s been a bit of déjà vu since then as viewers have watched Roman go through much of the same experiences as his sister Jane except for one vital fact: Roman does not know that Jane injected him. When that truth finally comes to light – and you know at some point it will, don’t you? – how will Roman react? Given what we know about him, he is not going to react calmly nor is Jane going to come out of this whole situation unscathed nor will the members of the FBI team.

After all Roman is a wildcard and a ruthless killer – he is almost assuredly going to revert back to who he has been for most of his life: a Sandstorm soldier. And the end result is not going to be pretty for Weller, the rest of his team and worse yet Jane. What do you think of Roman? What do you think he will do once he learns the truth? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

There are only three episodes left of the second season of ‘Blindspot’ with the next new episode expected to air on NBC on Wednesday, April 26 at 8/7c.