‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Finale: Legends Don’t Die (They Only Fade Away)

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On a frenzied but fun finale, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” took care of business in an efficient enough manner, if, as ever, riddled with occasional logic flaws and/or gaping plot holes. By this point, if you’re looking for sound science on a show like this, you’re obviously looking in the wrong place, as it’s not that kind of show.

Even more so than any of its other sister DC shows- “Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “Supergirl”- “LOT” is much more focused on showing viewers a good time, not bringing the party to a halt with over-elaborate plotting and getting bogged down in scientific matters. That said, astonishingly enough, the finale managed to do a fair amount of all of that in spite of itself, miraculously coming up with a fairly complex plot that was nonetheless reasonably easy to follow, even if it started to fray if you thought about it too much.

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For instance, the way the team rectified their fallout issues from the last episode, “Doomworld,” was a little too easy and sketchy in places- would it really be that easy for the team to not only break into Thawne’s compound and retrieve Ray’s suit, but for Rip to get out of a seemingly sealed room (“Look for a window,” indeed), all the while managing not to run afoul of anything that major, obstacle-wise? Um, no.

But I get it- the show wanted to wrap that part of the story up as quickly as possible in order to get to the really fun stuff- the team going back in time to attempt to set things right, all the while attempting to avoid their “past selves.” Naturally, no such thing happened, and in nearly no time, both sets of Legends were occupying the same space, and things went awry fast, between the “past” Legends trying to make sense of the “future” ones and the always one-step-ahead Thawne also showing up to further complicate matters.

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Despite all the action, the show, as always, made ample time for wise-cracks and funny scenarios, between Rory’s bemused reaction to a mini-Rip (“Oh look, it’s the teeny-weeny Englishman. That’s adorable!”) to Thawne attempting to explain to a thoroughly confused Legion what was going on at the moment. I also loved Rory coming face-to-face with himself- and immediately wanting to fight him!

Even so, it was jarring seeing nearly all the alternate Legends bite the big one, in oft-surprisingly gruesome ways: Ray had his heart ripped out by Thawne (who wisely heeded future Darhk’s admonishment to stop with the villainous monologues and get to the point this time around), Rory was stabbed in the back by Snart with a spear, and so forth. Of course, all of the alt-Legends went into this knowing that, if they weren’t killed outright, they would, at the very least, be erased from existence, once the mission was accomplished- if it was indeed accomplished.

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As I predicted, Amaya was back in no time, and while her reunion with Nate was touching, she was gone for such a short time- and we all knew she was likely coming back- that it wasn’t quite as effective as it could have been. Still, it was undeniably intense seemingly near-everyone end up dead, even if there was a spare running around.

So, for the most part, the gambit worked much better here than it did in the somewhat shakier penultimate episode, despite Amaya’s death seemingly being more permanent in “Doomworld” than it did with literally anyone else in the finale. What might have had more impact was if they had taken out BOTH versions of at least one of the team, but I’m glad they didn’t go there, TBH. I kind of like this iteration of the team as it stands.

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Granted, given that Rip ended up leaving at the end, anyway, it might have been just as well if they had killed him off (or both of him, rather), which actually might have been a genuinely sad moment, but I can see where they would want to leave that door open just in case they wanted to bring him back later on.

After all, actor Arthur Darvill had quite the season, between playing “normal” Rip, American film director Rip and even “Evil” Rip, which allowed him to really show his range, so I get the impulse to want to bring him back to do something equally crazy on down the line, as he’s a really talented guy.

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That said, this episode really belonged to his “replacement” captain, Sara, with Caity Lotz knocking her role out of the park, not only playing against herself for the second time this season, but proving to be the emotional core of the show, when she was briefly reunited with her long lost sister, Laurel (a guest-starring Katie Cassidy).

Faced with the opportunity to set things “right,” as it were, Sara instead did the harder thing and simply put everything back to order, letting Laurel stay dead and taking away the Spear’s power before handing it back to Thawne and setting his worst nightmare- the Death Flash- upon him, finally taking him out for good in a cool sequence.

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What’s more, instead of enacting her revenge on Darhk, she simply returned him to the 80’s before he got into all this mess, knowing good and well she was simply setting him back on the trajectory to kill her sister once again. In doing so, she showed that she was a truly worthy captain, capable of making the tough decisions, even when it cost her.

Meanwhile, Rory, who proved to be the unlikely heart of the season, in a way, likewise recognized that Snart was better off dead, or rather, doing what he did in the first place, which is joining the team, becoming friends with them, and eventually giving his life to save them. As tough as it was to let him go again, knowing he was destined to die, I think Rory did the right thing, since, as he pointed out, being “soft” doesn’t always mean one isn’t still doing the “hard” thing.

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In addition, in doing the “hard” thing in general throughout the last episode and the finale, he made up for stabbing his friends in the back in the short-term- even if it did get him literally stabbed in the back at one point!

It will be interesting to see what the repercussions will be for Amaya’s decision to stick with the crew for now, rather than returning to her own timeline, in part to be with Nate. What will happen next for her after this fateful decision? Or for that matter, to the crew in general, who saw in the end that maybe they didn’t set things as right as they thought, given the topsy-turvy world they ended up in, which looked like a host of worlds had collided, with dinosaurs roaming the streets of a desolate L.A.!

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All in all, a pretty solid finale that topped off a generally entertaining season, which I would have to go on and say was a vast improvement over the initial season. The good news is that the show is already renewed, so we can look forward to more wacky time-traveling antics with our fave team of ne’er do-wells.

I’m glad to hear it, as the show has become the go-to fun one of the bunch, handily grabbing the spot from “The Flash” and “Supergirl,” which both got pretty serious this season. I think remaining essentially more light-hearted with this show was the right way to go, and I hope they continue to take this approach moving forward.

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What did you think of the season as a whole of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”? How about the finale in general? Are you sad to see the Legion go? Did you like them as villains more than Vandal Savage? Would you like to see any of them come back, whether on this show or one of the other CW DC shows? It was recently announced that Katie Cassidy will be back in general on the CW’s superhero line-up- which of the shows would you like to see her become a regular on again? Let me know what you thought down in the comments below and thanks for reading!