POLLS: For The Walking Dead, Which Community is Your Favorite, and Where Would You Like to Live?

The Walking Dead

Today I have a twofer for you! Yes, two polls for the price of one, and all you need to do is read and vote. Simple, right? And I hope fun too. But, let me issue the standard spoiler disclaimer – I will be discussing The Walking Dead season seven events, and if you are not up to date, you might want to come back later to vote!

The first poll today is a vote for your favorite community on The Walking Dead. Favorite can mean a lot of things, and feel free to use whatever definition appeals to you the most. Perhaps the one you choose is your favorite because you find it the most intriguing, provocative, compelling, alluring or whatever other descriptive word you care to use. But, remember there are two polls here, and even if you find something the most compelling does not necessarily mean you want to live there!

The second poll is a vote for which community you would like to live in if you found yourself in the world of The Walking Dead. Again, the criteria you use for your decision are strictly up to you. It could be that you prefer the security, structure, or leadership of the community you find best suited to be your home. Or maybe it is the amenities that are available or the feeling of community. Again, it is up to you to decide what works best for you!

So, let’s look at the communities in the world of The Walking Dead.

The Saviors

The Saviors - The Walking Dead

This community is a dictatorship. Negan rules with an iron fist via intimidation. That said, the living conditions do not appear to be too bad. There are adequate food and shelter and as long as you can contribute, you will survive. Whether you can tolerate being dictated to, having to kneel when Negan passes by, and witnessing the gruesome consequences of disobedience is up to you. Clearly, Eugene is willing to trade his freedom for safety and pickles, so maybe you would too!


Maggie - The Walking Dead

A peaceful, agrarian community, this group of survivors has skilled laborers and farmers. They also had a doctor until recently. Doctors are a hot commodity in the apocalypse, and they had to surrender Dr. Harlan Carson to Negan after Negan killed his brother, Doctor Emmett Carson, in a fit of rage. It seems that if you have a doctor, you must keep him or her safe, and I’m thinking hidden in a root cellar as an extra precaution. The people at Hilltop seem to be well fed, but just how much the Saviors take might make that precarious. The biggest downsides are the lack of a reliable leader and residents with fighting skills – for now.


Rick - The Walking Dead

Probably the place with the most creature comforts, the ability to generate electricity because of solar panels makes this a very desirable location if you need your creature comforts. There are adequate clean water and spacious, comfortable homes. The only thing is they lack beds thanks to Negan’s men. Oh, and food is chronically in short supply. They have also lost their doctor and all the subsequent people with the most basic medical knowledge, so don’t get seriously injured here.


Oceanside - The Walking Dead

This group of survivors, escapees from Negan, are living in what was a cabin motor court. They are secluded and well hidden, and being near the ocean have a good supply of fish to eat. They are also very well organized and have an early warning system in place and an escape plan. A huge downside now is the lack of guns, due to Rick’s war machine.

The Scavengers

Jadis and Rick - The Walking Dead

Of all the communities, we know the least about this group. This is a totally new group, and from what I have read are not in the comics. I prefer the on-set name used for them – Heapsters. But, what we do know is that they are very well organized and have a good number of people who are skilled fighters. They have their own shorthand language and a no-nonsense leader, which is an advantage in an apocalypse.

The Kingdom

King Ezekiel and Shiva - The Walking Dead

Ok, they have a tiger! If strictly basing a vote on coolness, they win hands down! King Ezekiel, their leader, is a good man and a strong leader. He truly cares for and about his people. He also listens to them and carefully considers their ideas. You might call him wise. They seem to be well fed, and have cobbler every day, so that is a huge benefit if you like cobbler! They are having some crop issues and are also beholden to Negan, so the location and their food supply is not 100% stable. They have some residents that are skilled fighters, but most seem to be non-combatants.

Grady Memorial Hospital

Carol and Beth - The Walking Dead

A good example of how absolute power corrupts absolutely, this hospital was the scene of a great tragedy. A secure location run by police officers, you would think that it was a pretty good place to live. The Downside, and of course there always is a downside, was that the person in power let that control go to her head. She ruled with an iron fist, and you have to work to earn anything at the hospital, including food and medical care. Even worse was the fact you could not leave, since able bodies were needed to keep the building functioning. But, again, some people might be ok with losing their freedoms in order to be in a safe and secure location.


Terminus - The Walking Dead

Even though Terminus no longer exists, it was a community of people so I am including it on this list. We know some of the backstory of Terminus, and perhaps you found it intriguing. And, if you could get past the concept of cannibalism, maybe you would be happy living here. The people did seem to be well fed, and there did seem to be a mostly genial atmosphere and safety within the fences and walls.


Woodbury - The Walking Dead

Again, Woodbury no longer exists but played an important role in the story in the third and early fourth seasons. I do not remember it being mentioned on the show, but apparently Woodbury also had solar panels like Alexandria, so they had creature comforts like hot showers and electricity. They also were growing their own food within their walls, so people were not going hungry. Of course, the biggest problem with this community was the charismatic, monomaniacal, dictatorial leader, The Governor. It does appear, however, that the average resident knew any of the dark side of their leader, so perhaps you could live there in ignorant bliss!


Now it is time for me to vote. My favorite community is The Kingdom, because I like the vibe there and King Ezekiel is a good leader. As for where I would like to live, however, I need my creature comforts, so I must go with Alexandria – hot showers and electricity! This is probably why in the event of an actual apocalypse, I would not survive long…

After you vote below, please be sure to tell me in the comments section why you made the choices you did. Also, if I missed a community, please vote in the “Other” category and then tell me what I missed!