‘The 100’ (Season 4): Resemblances

The 100

Last night’s new episode of The 100 found two very different groups of people working toward two very different ways of surviving the impending annihilation of the planet Earth – for a second time in about 100 years.

Clarke and her mother Abigail, along with a ragtag group of “partners” [and I use that term very loosely], which include the reviled Murphy and his girlfriend Emori, King Roan, Abby’s right-hand man Jackson and Arkadian guard Nathan Miller are attempting to find a way to use Luna’s nightblood to save everyone on the planet from the impending radiation.

This team ventured to ALIE’s island to find a way to save everyone on Earth, using Becca’s (the creator of ALIE) research lab to create basically an antidote – again from Luna’s nightblood – that would protect everyone with, thus far, disastrous results.

Meanwhile, Jaha is convinced there is still an underground bunker that all the tribes on Earth can use to ride out the inevitable. Helping him with that “mission” [if you will] is Kane and Monte, who then enlist the help of Indra and her flamekeeper daughter Gaia.

They head to the temple of the flamekeepers to where the first Commander [that would be the aforementioned Becca] was supposedly buried. What they found – after some trial and error – was in fact an underground bunker created by the radical religious sect Second Dawn.

This is where the resemblances started to appear for me especially given the fact that I was a fan of the juggernaut series Lost, which – ironically or not starred Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Kane on The 100.

Did anyone else watching get goose bumps when Jaha, Monty and Kane were finally able to open up that seemingly impenetrable door? Wasn’t it just a little like what happened when Jack and the others on ‘Lost’ found The Hatch?

And then there were the clips for the next new episode of the show, which is going on a short hiatus for the spring. There was a clip of Jasper, with writing on his palm, slapping his hand against a glass window – much like Charlie did before he died warning Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) that the ship they thought could save them wasn’t Penny’s boat.

These may only be two small similarities between ‘The 100’ and ‘Lost,’ but they both certain gave me brief pause, wondering if the writers were at all influenced by the ABC hit series or not; and if viewers will see more resemblances to ‘Lost’ in future episodes.

What do you think? Did you notice both scenes and think about ‘Lost’ or am I alone in catching those similarities? Do you think that there might be other ‘Lost’-like scenes in the future or am I off-base on that summation? What do you think is the better course of action for the survivors on Earth: the underground bunker or risking the as-yet-non-working nightblood “cure?” Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the fourth season of ‘The 100’ will air on The CW on Wednesday, April 26 at 9/8c after a short spring break.