Jane the Virgin (Season 3): Romance Is in the Air

Jane the Virgin Promo

First and foremost, the CW series Jane the Virgin is an adaptation of a telenovela; and what is at the heart of all telenovelas: Romance.

Sure there are plenty of other subjects for which telenovelas focus on – just like our soap operas – good versus evil, intrigue, mystery, light-hearted moments and plenty of drama – but in any good story there is always plenty of romance.

‘Jane the Virgin’ isn’t any different.

In fact, there was plenty of romance – or potential for romance – laced in Monday night’s new episode as well as throughout the series as a whole.

While Jane herself felt she wasn’t ready to let romance back into her life – three years after the death of her beloved husband Michael – it would seem that maybe she actually is. After all, she was able to share her story of Michael with Mateo’s new school aide without crying. The question will be who will be her new love interest?

Then there is Jane’s mom Xiomara, who recently got engaged to former love Bruce. Given the events in last night’s new episode, though, that engagement is now kaput because it would seem that Xo just might still have feelings for Rogelio, her former love and Jane’s father.

How about Jane’s abuela Alba? She has had a crush on Jorge, her boss at the Marbella’s Gift Shop for quite some time. It was revealed in last night’s episode that he broke it off with his girlfriend, leaving an opening for Alba. With her daughter Xo’s help, she was dressed to the nines to make an impression on him. That encounter may not have gone as planned, but the outcome was very satisfying: Jorge asked her out on a date.

And then there was Petra and ex-husband Rafael, who ended up in bed together once again, despite not being a couple for many, many years. Sure that was a night of passion more so than romance, but the question is do viewers want to see them back together again? If you ask me, there is more going on with Rafael than meets the eye, and until we get answers to what he is really up to, I don’t want to see him involved with anyone – even Petra, who hasn’t always been my favorite character in the show.

What are your thoughts on the romance on the show? Do you want to see Jane with someone new? And if so, what kind of person should that man be? Do you want to see Xo and Rogelio back together or is that just a bad idea? What are your thoughts on Alba and her boss Jorge? It’s about time that abuela has a little romance in her life, right? What do you think of Petra and Rafael falling in to bed again? Is it time for them to move on? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the third season of ‘Jane the Virgin’ will air on The CW on Monday, March 27 at 9/8c.