‘Once Upon a Time’ (Season 6): Dark Magic Comes With a Price


Since the very beginning of the fairytale drama Once Upon a Time it has been clear that battle lines were drawn between good and evil: it’s the staple on which all fairytales are made.

In the pilot episode it was the Evil Queen versus Snow White and Prince Charming. Ever since then, viewers of the show have seen battle lines drawn between Regina and Emma Swan; Captain Hook and Rumpelstiltskin; Zelena and Regina; Charming and his twin brother James and countless more pairings of good versus evil.

In the show’s sixth and current season, battle lines have been drawn between Emma and her latest foe Gideon, the grown-up son of Belle and Mr. Gold, as well as the ongoing battle between Regina and her doppelganger the Evil Queen, who emerged last night from her imprisonment as a snake.

We also got to see the correlation between Rumpel’s first son Baelfire and his other son Gideon. Both who took a turn on the dark side with Baelfire being saved by Rumpel’s magic-laced tea, which, unfortunately, did not work on Gideon because of a ward he received by the Black Fairy, his evil grandmother, who kidnapped him, keeping him as a prisoner, turning him into the evil wizard that he has become.

While Baelfire (aka Neal) may have become a con man and thief, but eventually proving himself to be a good man, the latter cannot be said about Gideon, who seems to be nothing but bad news. Despite the fact he wants, more than anything, to become a hero – in order to defeat the Black Fairy – he has been proving himself to be nothing more than evil.

How will it all turn out, though?

We know over the past six seasons that whether it’s in Storybrooke, Maine or the Enchanted Forest or any other locale where the heroes and villains of that universe have found themselves, evil rarely ever wins. If it does, it’s very fleeting, but those on the side of good have almost always had an uphill battle to defeat their wicked counterparts.

Regardless, the old adage still holds true: dark magic comes with a price – but how high a price are the villains willing to pay and how far will those on the side of good go to stop their nefarious foes?

It’s also worth stating that while Captain Hook started out as a villain, he has certainly redeemed himself – so much so that Emma Swan accepted his proposal in last night’s episode – but he is hiding a big secret from his past: a revelation that will, assuredly, plague him for the rest of this season: he was the person who killed David’s father. A truth he did not realize until after he had received David’s blessing in asking for Emma’s hand in marriage. How does someone who was once evil but is now good come to terms with battling his inner demons?

What do you think about Hook’s latest revelation? What do you think will happen between Emma and Gideon? What kind of showdown will there be between Regina and the Evil Queen? Please share your thoughts below.

The next new episode of the sixth season of ‘Once Upon a Time’ will air on ABC on Sunday, March 26 at 8/7c.