‘Blindspot’ (Season 2): Speculating on What’s to Come


A new episode of Blindspot won’t air on NBC for a couple more weeks so it’s speculation time.

What do you think is going to happen with all of the characters once the show returns from its short hiatus? Here are my questions for each of them:

Kurt Weller – As the Assistant Director of the FBI and the head of the FBI Critical Incident Response Group, Kurt has a lot on his plate. He and the team are doing everything they can to stop Shepherd and whatever Sandstorm has planned for the world. On the homefront, he will have to deal with the fact that his baby momma is moving across the country for a new job.

SPECULATION: Will he and the team be able to stop Sandstorm from their ultimate goal – whatever that may be? If they are able to do that, what lines will they have to cross in order to do so? Will we ever see what kind of relationship he will have with Alli and their child? Do we even want to see that story arc continue?

Jane Doe – She has been accepted by the team, working alongside them every day – even though she is not an actual agent – to not only solve the mystery of all her tattoos but also to stop Sandstorm. On the personal side, Jane started dating Oliver Kind, a seemingly normal guy, who might not be as normal as hoped. She’s also keeping a really big secret from her brother Roman.

SPECULATION: When (or if) the team stops Sandstorm, will Jane consider becoming an agent? It’s not like she could work in the private sector, right? Will she learn that Oliver is a good or bad guy; and dependent on that outcome, what will she do? Once Roman learns that Jane was the one who wiped his memory, how will she handle the aftermath of that reveal?

Edgar Reade – He has gone through the gauntlet since learning the truth about what Coach Jones did to him. He has been acting erratically since then: sleeping with the on-again, off-again girlfriend of his former high school buddy, taking drugs with said woman and nearly losing his life when on a mission with Patterson.

SPECULATION: Will he continue down this path of self-destruction or will he take Patterson advice, getting his act together? If he spirals out of control, will he ever be able to get back on track somehow? If he decides to clean up his act, how much therapy is going to have to go through to get back his new normal?

Tasha Zapata – For once, she’s not being blackmailed by someone else; she’s not gambling her life away and she’s actually getting along with Jane instead of constantly complaining about her all the time. It almost seems too good to be true, though. She also seemed to finally realize, perhaps a little too late, that she might have feelings for Reade.

SPECULATION: How soon will she learn about Reade’s descent and how quickly will she chew his ass out (or beat the crap out of him) for the way he has been behaving? When will the other shoe drop and she starts acting out against Jane again or have we finally seen the end of that? Is there a next step in her career path?

Patterson – She has gone through so much trauma this season between learning her new boyfriend, Dr. Borden, has actually been working with Sandstorm all along, lying to her face every single day not to mention the fact that Borden shot her; and worse yet, getting tortured by Shepherd.

SPECULATION: Will Patterson ever be able to trust anyone again, allowing herself to ever have a relationship in the future? Will she keep on Reade about his drug use and the effects its having on his work for the FBI? Will there ever come a time when she can’t figure out the intricacies of those mysterious Jane tattoos.

Nas Kamal – She has nearly lost her life in a bombing orchestrated by Sandstorm; she has gotten involved with Weller (much to the distaste of many fans) and in the last, new episode, she was attacked in her own car when she was supposed to be meeting her Sandstorm contact.

SPECULATION: Will she survive the attack in her car? If not, what will Weller do to exact revenge? If she does survive, how long will she be out of play; and will they be able to catch who the culprit was? For those who care, do you want to see her and Weller continue their relationship?

Dr. Robert Borden – He has been nothing but a liar this entire time, tricking the entire team especially poor Patterson, who opened her heart and life to him. He has also seemingly taken over Roman’s role within Sandstorm.

SPECULATION: What is Sandstorm’s ultimate goal and how much of a role is Borden going to play into it? How much revenge is Patterson going to exact on him once (if) they are able to capture him?

Roman – Since losing his memory (at the hands of his sister Jane), he has been working with the FBI team – when possible – to help them track down leads to Sandstorm. He also recently remembered that he was the one who killed Taylor Shaw’s mother – a secret that his sister is keeping from Weller.

SPECULATION: When he finds out the truth about what Jane did to him, what will happen? How will he handle the truth or will he brutally lash out at Jane? Worse yet, will he – at some point – start to regain his memories and become a giant threat within the walls of the FBI?

What do you think is going to happen next on the show? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below. Remember, the next new episode of the second season of ‘Blindspot’ will air on NBC on Wednesday, March 22 at 8/7c.

  • Browniehardbody

    Nas Kamal has got to go!!! Be gone Nas!!! Her job has been done since she got the Team to work together albeit in an uneasy truce at the beginning of Season 2. The sexing between Nas and Weller clearly brought down the wrath of Jellers and other supporters of the show ~ perhaps, even to the drop in viewership and steep dive in ratings!!! (Ratings are still low and show is on cancellation bubble!) That Weller/Nas pairing was so lacking chemistry and without any purpose to the show! Made many fans puked when Nas/Weller got together as was posted on social media!!! So let Nas die now! Likewise, the Allie pregnancy! That was totally stupid! Allie’s pregnancy is really questionable at all levels! Someone get them a DNA test to prove Weller is NOT baby daddy ~ Oh wait, the bitch Allie is moving to Colorado with her baby bun!!! What the hell was her story for in the first place…??? Dumb!!! Hey, let Allie die too! That would be a good angst moment if that’s what the showrunner is looking for!!! Jane and Weller need to finally reconnect their romance which will most likely bump the ratings UP! Jeller needs a comeback very soon or…! Jeller is the backbone and undercurrent of the weekly stories involving solving crimes and catching terrorists, etc. So that means Oliver Kind also needs to be sent away. Roman and his compelling story arc is definitely a KEEPER!!! Relationship between Roman and Jane is also a driving force for Season 2 ~ and now that Weller seems to be accepting of Roman ~ the interlinking stories of Jane, Weller and Roman need to be expanded as they solve more of Jane’s tattoos and stop the menace of Sandstorm Phase 2! The arcs of Reade, Zapata and Patterson are all the juicy added flavoring to the overall mix of the story.

    • Katlyn Cinq – Mars

      I had hoped Nas will die. But I saw leaked pics of the next episode and she’s fine. Not in the hospital or any marks on her throat. She’s with the team solving a tattoo like normal, unfortunately. As for Oliver and Jane, I read that in episode 17, both will go missing and Kurt has to save them. Secrets Jane and Oliver kept form each other will be let lose.