‘Legends of Tomorrow’ (Season 2): Ranking the Legends

When I first started reviewing Legends of Tomorrow, I had the idea of including a weekly look at how the members of the Waverider crew stacked up to one another: the Legend Ranking. As it turned out, it was hard to find a lot to say for some characters on a week-to-week basis, especially when the show was still finding its legs and character development was at a minimum.

Now, though, a season-and-a-half later and with coverage of the show only happening once a month, I figured it was worth bringing back the old idea and seeing which Legends have gotten the best treatment this season. With that aside, let’s get to the Legend Rankings!

While I’m tempted to go with the most improved character at the top of the pack, I’m instead going with someone who’s been one of the show’s most solid players from the very beginning. With her ascension to team leader, Sara Lance has cemented herself as the show’s best character, an even-headed presence that does right by the rest of the team on a regular basis. From keeping the group focused on the mission to recently helping Jax resist the urge to kill, there’s no denying that the Legends would be lost without the White Canary.

From most solid to most entertaining, next up in the order is Heat Wave. Early on, Mick Rory felt like an unnecessary tagalong – and was confirmed to be as much by Rip – but he’s come a long way this season, stepping into the role of comic relief with easy. He remains the most brusque, uncouth Legend, but he remains a hilarious presence, from bumbling his way through missions to giving the best –and most insulting – show recap of the season. And there may just be a heart of gold under all the grime.

The middle of pack is rounded out by a group of characters that have been solid, if not outright astounding this season. Stein has offered up a good number of comedic beats this year, while also providing a decent bit of emotionality through the introduction of his time-aberration daughter. Newcomer Amaya, meanwhile, has brought a solid outsider perspective to the team, providing a hardline, JSA-inspired worldview that none of the original Legends have.

I’d definitely like to place Jax higher on this list – he’s had some standout episodes – but he’s mostly played a supporting role this season. Still, an all-around solid member of the team. Finally, Ray may never be as cool as he was on Arrow, but he remains a goofy, lovable character that rounds out the team well.

If there’s been one problem character this season, it’s the show’s other newcomer, Nate Heywood. Though he fills the role of team historian well enough, he hasn’t had much of a consistent character. He’s Ray’s dumb frat buddy bro one week, then a wet-blanket killjoy the next. His Steel abilities are equally unimpressive, and his romance with Amaya is about as forgettable as Ray and Kendra’s last year. Hopefully, the show finds a way to give him a bit more to do down the line, or swap him out for a new team member in season three.