‘The 100’ (Season 4): A Race Against Time

The 100

Ever since The 100 juvenile delinquents from The Ark crash landed on Earth, 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse decimated the planet, they have been racing against time to survive. At first there was enough in-fighting within this unusual group of kids that could have easily wiped them out if not for the quick thinking of future leader Clarke Griffin. Oh and then there was the fact there were survivors on the planet – soon to become known as The Grounders – who were set on wiping out the swiftly diminishing 100.

Throughout the first season, the dwindling “members” of the 100 not only fought each other but also The Grounders, barely surviving an attack by these aggressors only to be captured by another group of planet survivors.

As season two rolled out, those Earth-bound survivors, who quickly became known as the Mountain Men, the long-time inhabitants of an elaborate underground community, seemed like benevolent helpers to remainder of the 100. Except that was as far from the truth as possible.

The Mountain Men could not survive in the harsh environment outside their below-ground “home” so they decided to sacrifice the remaining members of The 100, using their blood as an anti-radiation treatment. It turned out that the kids’ bone marrow would allow the Mountain Men to survive outside. Thankfully for the 100, Clarke and Bellamy Blake devised a very risky scheme to rescue their people. They succeeded in getting their people out of that horrible prison, but nearly all of the Mountain Men were sacrificed. Also during that second season, the remaining inhabitants of The Ark crash-landed on Earth, eventually joining up with their younger counterparts.

At the end of season two, a new threat to all of the inhabitants of Earth, an artificial intelligence called A.L.I.E., was revealed. A.L.I.E. became their worst and most deadly foe yet. With basically one pill, she systematically took over the minds of nearly everyone in Arkadia (the Earth-bound home of the survivors of the Ark) and Polis (the capital city of the Grounders) throughout the entire third season. Once again, it was Clarke and a few of her closest team members were finally able to defeat her only to learn that another nuclear disaster was going to happen on the planet.

As the fourth season has gotten underway over the past month, it has been another race against time to find a way to save as many people on Earth as possible; or more specifically Clarke has had to figure out which 100 people would seek shelter in the remnants of the drop ship before the Earth is eradicated. But, as has become customary with this show, there has been just as much in-fighting among the people of Arkadia while they are being hunted by the people of Polis.

How will it all end? Will Raven and Abby be able to find a cure for the radiation? Will Clarke be able to keep the peace between Arkadia and Polis? Now that the remnants of The Ark have been virtually destroyed what will they do now? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the fourth season of ‘The 100’ will air on The CW on Wednesday, March 15 at 9/8c.