Poll: Who Should be the One to Kill Negan?

Negan - The Walking Dead

Despots. They come, they go. Unfortunately, while they are around good people die. People we love. The push and pull between despots and their subjects does make good conflict, however, which is of course why they are so important to the plot of dramas moving forward.

The good thing about despots, at least on TV, is that they eventually die, usually in a dramatic moment and sometimes in a gruesome way. So, on The Walking Dead, we have seen The Governor, Dawn, Mary, Joe and more make the lives of our heroes miserable, but eventually succumb.

This is the one bright spot in the current season on The Walking Dead – we hate what Negan is doing to our friends, but we know his time will come, preferably in a slow, agonizing way. Make him feel our pain, right?

Knowing he will be ended is not enough, though. I want to see the most appropriate person kill him. Someone who has the most to gain in the way of closure; maybe it should be more than one person, like in a firing squad, where only one person has live ammunition, so all fire, but you do not know who dealt the kill shot.

And, don’t get me wrong; most of the people on the show have a good reason to want Negan dead. In fact, I had to really work hard to not make the list too long and thus unmanageable. Because of that, I added the “There is Another” category in case one of the people I left off my list is your choice. In the “Give Me the Combo” category, you also have the option of giving Negan a one-two punch; let two people finish him. As an example, recall that the Governor was run through with a katana by Michonne, but Lilly put a bullet through his head, ending him permanently.

Let’s look at my list of contenders.


Maggie - The Walking Dead

Maggie has many reasons to hate Negan. The most obvious is the beating death of Glen. Add to that the endangerment of her unborn child, and while she is currently unaware, his desire to take her as another wife. While she is more of a reasoning negotiator, I think we could all give her a pass as she beat Negan’s brains out. with Lucille!


Sasha - The Walking Dead

Sasha and Abraham were just beginning their relationship when Negan used Lucille to beat him to death. It was bad enough for us to have to watch it obliquely, but I cannot even begin to fathom what it would have been like to be there in person watching it. Luckily, Sasha does not share her brother’s gentler spirit, and she would probably be eager to off Negan!


Rosita - The Walking Dead

Just because Abraham had just broken up with her does not mean that Rosita doesn’t have plenty of reasons to want Negan dead. I am sure she still had feelings for Abraham, as can be inferred from recent dialogue between her and Sasha. Add to that the recent kidnapping of Eugene for making her a bullet, which she likely feels very responsible for, and her already volatile anger will definitely be pushed over the top. And, of course, she did try to kill Negan, but Lucille got in the way – darn!


Carl - The Walking Dead

Carl has plenty of reasons for killing Negan. Negan has threatened his whole family, including Judith just by his unwelcome presence. Negan almost forced Rick to chop off Carl’s hand. And let’s not forget Carl already tried once to kill Negan, so he is tied with Rosita in attempts made. Then we have Negan forcing him to take off his eye bandage and harping on how disgusting it looked, and sing a song that was one Carl’s mother sang to him. The emotional impact of this on Carl was very clear and makes him an outstanding candidate to be the one to finish Negan off.


Rick - The Walking Dead

Payback is hell, you know, and Rick has plenty to pay Negan back for! Negan has publicly humiliated him, emasculating him in front of his family and friends. Time and again, Rick has had to bite his tongue and hold back his anger, lest anyone else is killed for his impudence in the eyes of Negan. What I said about Carl and the threat Negan poses to the Grimes family applies equally when it comes to Rick. I am sure he was horrified to see Negan in Alexandria near his family.


Michonne - The Walking Dead

Frankly, I think Michonne has enough reason just because of the mattresses. I mean, seriously, why take them if he did not need them? Clearly Negan was making sure the Alexandrians understood that he was in charge, and had total power over them all, to the point of taking stuff he did not even need. To drive the point home, destroying the mattresses was a way of displaying his utter contempt for the Alexandrians. Michonne is also being forced to watch while the man she loves and his family are threatened. Michonne’s warrior spirit is clearly rankled.


Daryl and Negan - The Walking Dead

Daryl’s captivity gives him plenty of good reasons to be the one to kill Negan. In an attempt to break him, torture was the order of the day for Daryl, as he was sleep deprived, food deprived and overall abused. While Daryl appeared docile in captivity, we all know that he cannot be broken, and that payback is coming!


Dwight - The Walking Dead

What better way to take Negan down than to turn one of his trusted lieutenants? Dwight clearly still loves his wife Sherry, or should I say former wife, since she is now one of Negan’s wives. Forcing Dwight to watch as she kissed Negan is just one more way Negan demonstrates just how helpless Dwight and the others are. The danger, of course, is that a person who rules by intimidation runs the risk of having his throat slit in the night by a trusted underling. How can such a ruler ever actually trust anyone? I would think they would need to sleep with one eye open!


My vote? I have to go with Maggie. You do not mess with a pregnant woman, and I loved Glenn and really miss him, so I want Maggie to be the one to put Negan in his grave.

Now it is your turn to vote! Please let me know how you voted in the comments section and why, and if you choose either of the last two categories, who you want to see kill Negan!