POLL: Best Superhero Fashion on The Flash

Jesse, Firestorm, Flash, Kid Flash, Vibe, Gypsy - The Flash

So, here we are in the middle of a two-week event on The Flash featuring Grodd and Gorilla City – and no, not Planet of the Apes, Julian! So what better way to while away the days until the second part than to take a look at the fashion sense of our Superheroes?

Really, there are no industry standards for Superhero costumes. Nor do we have annual fashion shows catering to this segment of the population. So, I am kind of out here all by my lonesome giving you one woman’s opinions, and truth be told, my children would tell you I am not exactly a fashion forward type. But, like most things, I still do have opinions on fashion.

In addition, since I do not read the comics, I am not planning to compare the costumes on the TV program to the ones in the comic books. I am aware that the costumes on the TV program may reflect their origins in appearance. However, please feel free to use any criteria you please when deciding for whom you will cast a vote!

The Flash

The Flash "Family of Rogues" Season 2 Episode 3 (13)

Let me begin with the general observation that it seems to me in The Flash’s universe much of the costuming seems to be done with leather. I am unsure exactly why this is true, but perhaps leather is deemed to add a certain “slickness” to the action, which makes sense for The Flash as this would imply speed.

I really like the little details on his costume – the golden lines that really are quite attractive and work very well to exemplify his speed. They also are visually interesting and continue the theme of the lightning theme found elsewhere on the costume. I also like his mask and hood, which are sleek but still functional.

Kid Flash

kid flash The Flash Season 3

Kid Flash has a costume that color wise is a cross between The Flash and Zoom. It makes sense that you need a different color for Kid Flash, so that when they show them running side by side as streaks you can tell which one is which. And, I suppose the use of “hot” colors again helps to show that these characters are not slow by any stretch of the imagination.

Details were not missed on Kid Flash’s costume; in particular, the lightning symbol on the front has fewer zig-zags than on The Flash’s costume, which makes sense from the point of view of him being younger or less experienced than The Flash. The one part of Kid Flash’s costume that does not work for me, however, is the headpiece. My eye keeps getting drawn to the hole on the top of his head and I find it unattractive and distracting. But, I think his belt is awesome!


Vibe - The Flash

The best and most important part of Vibe’s costume is of course the goggles. I am unable to look away from their awesomeness sometimes, and tend to not focus so much on the rest of his outfit. I think the design and colors used are just perfect for this character.

And, his overall costume has changed as the character has evolved, starting out simpler and most recently showing detail and color that really enhances his growing power. There are now coloration details, still reflecting the general theme of maroons and yellows, and a quilted section to add texture.

Jesse Quick

Jesse Quick - The Flash

Another speedster, Jesse has a costume that is very reminiscent of The Flash, with similar colors. However, the decorative variations manage to be distinctive, while still maintaining the general theme of lightning. Interestingly, Jesse has the same number of zig-zags as The Flash on the emblem on the front of her outfit.

I like that she wears a simple mask, which works very well to conceal her identity but does not distract the audience. Overall, designing a costume for a female hero seems to be a challenge sometimes, but the costumers have managed to make it feminine without being exploitative.


Gypsy - The Flash

Gypsy is a “Collector” or bounty hunter from Earth Nineteen. I am including her since she and Cisco were flirting, making her reoccurrence likely. And, even though she is a bounty hunter, I think there is good in her heart, making her a potential hero in my eyes.

The most visually distinct aspect of her costume is the ribbing in the bust area. The concentric circles that define her breasts remind me a bit of something you might have seen Madonna wear back in the day. This aspect of the costume does nothing for me, but that might just be a gender thing, as I suspect the men in the audience probably have a different opinion.


Firestorm - The Flash

Since Firestorm originated on The Flash before jumping to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, I am including him in this list. However, I am only considering his costume as seen on The Flash, not the slick new costume he was upgraded to in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The early version of Firestorm’s costume was just an apparatus that was attached to the chest of Ronnie and then Jax. So in the pictures, the focus is the tentacle-like attachment, which would sometimes glow. Underneath they would be wearing a plain black leather jacket. However, in the case of Jax, it seems like the jacket either has a hood or he is wearing a hoody underneath.


I have to admit that choosing between these six heroes is a bit of a challenge. But, in the final analysis, I think I need to go with Jesse Quick, because of the overall effect of her costume. It appeals to me on more than one level, including color choices, details in the accents and of course her mask.

Please be sure to vote and then tell me about your choice in the comments section below. I love hearing your thoughts!