Jane the Virgin (Season 3): Moving On


In Chapter Fifty-Four of the third season of Jane the Virgin, which aired on February 6, the unbelievable happened: Michael Cordero died after taking his LSAT exam. A lot was written by the media after this stunning turn of events; a lot of comments were made online by fans and a lot of fans expressed their sorrow over losing such a fan favorite character. Watching his wife Jane react to the harrowing news of his sudden death was painful and unsettling; even more so (dare I say) than when Michael was shot on the night of their wedding.

But what has been difficult for fans to watch is not only the three-year time jump but also what fans have perceived as Jane moving on too easily from her loss. In my opinion, though, I think we still have a lot yet to see about Jane’s transition. Don’t you agree?

Viewers have only seen bits and pieces of Jane’s first year after Michael’s death and much more about her current circumstances with a 3-year-old Mateo and her less-than-desirable (but much needed) publishing job.

It is obvious the writers of the show have a plan for the future reveals of Jane’s life after Michael’s death, how she comes to terms with it all and how the entire family’s lives were changed. Sure, it’s hard to have to wait for those reveals, but – in the long run – it will be worth the wait especially if the past seasons of the show have been any example.

The loss of Michael and how his wife Jane has moved on from that tragedy isn’t the only “moving on” that has taken place in the show:

• Rafael has served his time in prison, but given what happened in last night’s episode, viewers have to wonder just how much he has changed and moved on from that experience;

• Petra has moved on from all the drama in her life, including not ever having anything of her own, by taking over the Marbella and turning it into a kid’s-themed hotel. That being said, though, drama follows this woman as she is having an affair with the less-than reputable hotel owner next door AND she moved the dead body of former employee Scott over the boundary of the Marbella to that of the hotel next door;

• Jane’s dad Rogelio, who was going to have a child with baby momma Darci Factor, instead did NOT have a child with her but rather has been starring in a reality series with her, living in a fake TV marriage; and,

• Xiomara, Jane’s mom, has moved on – or more to the point – moved in with boyfriend Bruce – the married man who she had an affair with many, many years ago (but who has been divorced for quite some time). She has also turned her dance studio into what seems like a very successful enterprise.

What are your thoughts on the new chapter of ‘Jane the Virgin’ since Michael’s sad passing? What do you think will be revealed next as to how Jane can to terms with her loss? What do you think Rafael is up to? Are you getting tired of the Rogelio and Darci storyline? Do you think that Xo can truly be happy with Bruce? Please share your thoughts on the latest chapter of the show in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the third season of ‘Jane the Virgin’ will air on The CW on Monday, February 27 at 9/8c.