Superhero Love

Cupid - Arrow

No, this article is not about how much we neeks (nerds + geeks) love our superheroes. But, since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I have been musing on the various hookups and relationships on the now numerous superhero shows I watch. Even though I watch many of the series, I do not watch them all, so there may be some omissions. Please feel free to tell me about what I am missing in the comments section below!

Spoiler alert – this article discusses events from recent episodes of several shows, so if you are not up to date on your viewing, please be careful! Let me also state here that I chose the picture above for the theme, but do not actually talk about the character Cupid on Arrow.

The one thing I am amazed about is that these people can manage holding two jobs that seem to be 24/7, plus have any kind of relationship that is constantly being interrupted by either their day job or their secret identity. I guess youth must play a big part, and oh, yeah, a very understanding boss who does not mind when they disappear for hours or days at a time?

I used to be totally opposed to main characters hooking up on action adventure shows, because it can detract from the action, which is my main reason for watching this genre. But, some shows have found ways to integrate the romance into the storyline and action so that it is not a huge distraction, consequently, I have softened my stance a little.

Barry and Iris – The Flash

Barry and Iris - The Flash

It took a long time to get here, but at the end of the season three mid-season finale, these two love birds finally moved in together. They actually are quite cute together, and recently their attachment has not been a huge distraction. In fact, I think that their romance tends to help keep the spirit of the show more lighthearted. My most sincere hope is that this will not turn into an Olicity repeat, and that they do remain together.

Oliver and Susan – Arrow

Oliver and Susan - Arrow

Oliver has always been a playboy, and he seems incapable of any long term relationships. But, that does not mean he has stopped dating, and he always finds the flavor of the week – or maybe longer. His list of former lovers is actually quite impressive and may be some of the reason he is a dark, brooding character. It cannot be easy, saving the city and being its mayor, all the while having to keep a huge secret from anyone he dates. In a way, it was easier when he was with Felicity since she already knew his secret and thus understood his sudden disappearances. But, his constant lying, even if it was to protect her, brought the end of them.

Cisco and Gypsy – The Flash

Cisco and Gypsy - The Flash

Cisco has not exactly been lucky at love, but recently has become enamored with Gypsy, a collector from Earth 19. Their relationship is still in its infancy, and whether or not it will develop into something more than longing glances and missed opportunities remains to be seen. The two do have screen chemistry, and Cisco certainly does deserve some happiness after recently reeling from his brother Dante’s death and the revelation that Barry was partially responsible for it. Interestingly, the writers chose to give Cisco and Gypsy similar powers which, based on my research, is different from the comics. That may mean there is a plan to put these two together more.

Lucifer and Zoe – Lucifer

Lucifer and Zoe - Lucifer

Ok, so not quite a superhero, but Lucifer is a supernatural being, so I am going to include him. This couple is another instance of a slow burn, which fizzled out before it got a chance to blossom. I have a feeling that it is not completely over, and we are just being teased with the possibility. While this adds to the drama, it can become highly annoying and repetitive; a road I hope the writers do not take!

Kara and Mon-El – Supergirl

Kara and Mon-El - Supergirl

For this potential couple, timing is everything – or lack of it. Mon-El admitted his feelings and after Kara rejected him he backtracked with a cute monologue on what he had learned about earth men and only sharing their feelings on things such as sports. Then Kara thought better of her rejection, only to find him heading out on a date with Eve. Longing looks, disappointed frowny faces, and the like seem to be in our immediate future, but I have a feeling that a hookup is probably inevitable. After all, two aliens from warring worlds becoming friends and more could be a very interesting story.

Alex and Maggie – Supergirl

Alex and Maggie - Supergirl

There must be a rule written somewhere that all superheroes and of course the people in their life orbits, must, at some point, push away the person they love to protect them. Certainly, we see it over and over again in TV shows and movies. I admit that I am starting to find it a bit tiresome, since they eventually do get back together, making it all seem just a bit wasteful of time and energy. Case in point, Alex, who decided to call off her relationship with Maggie when some crisis interrupted their plans. News flash – Maggie is a cop, and while she may not know the exact nature of Alex’s work, I think she can handle the interruptions and stress Alex feels dealing with life and death situations!

J’onn and M’gann – Supergirl

J'onn and M'gann - Supergirl

Long distance relationships really are the worst, and for these two, who finally admitted their feelings for each other, their relationship is one of the truly long distance type. After arguing, avoiding each other, and holding grudges, they finally decided to verbalize their feelings, just before she left for Mars! Sheesh! Let’s hope she survives there so she can reappear on Earth!

Nate and Amaya – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Nate and Amaya - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

These two characters recently hooked up, in a steamy but necessary way, and then agreed to remain just friends. She is a warrior princess type, and he happens to be the bookish, touchy feely type, so their relationship up until now has been fraught with sexual tension and missed moments, but there is potential for more if they ever get out of the friend zone.


What are your feelings about characters that have hooked up on TV shows? Do you have a favorite couple, or one that is doomed to fail? Let me know in the comments section below!