‘Blindspot’ (Season 2): Control Freak

Kurt Weller

Ever since the debut of the NBC series Blindspot in September 2015, viewers have gotten to know FBI agent – now Assistant Director of the New York field office – Kurt Weller. He is one tough agent who takes his job very seriously.

When the mysterious tattooed woman given the name of Jane Doe was discovered in Times Square, she became the prime case for Weller and his team of agents: Edgar Reade, Natasha Zapata and Patterson.

Over the course of the first season, this team of agents attempted to figure out just some of the tattoos that cover nearly every single spot on Jane’s body as well as why Jane had them in the first place; especially the large tattoo of Kurt name’s on her back.

By the end of the first season, we learned that Jane was actually one of the people behind her losing her memory and undergoing all those tattoos placed on her body. We also learned that Kurt Weller was a complicated man who liked to have control of all situations.

This season, Weller took over a leadership role at the field office due to the untimely death of Bethany Mayfair, and he and his team have been tested time and time again. They have dealt with the arrival of Nas Kamal from a secret off-the-books wing of the NSA, the people behind Jane being planted in the FBI known as Sandstorm, the turncoat Dr. Borden and the unexpected arrival of Jane’s memory-wiped long-lost brother Roman.

None of these situations have been controllable and for a man like Weller that has got to be difficult to handle. Especially when he learned, in Wednesday night’s new episode, about the off-the-books operation being handled by fellow FBI Agent Boyd that had been secret for the past two years.

It was obvious that Weller was not happy that he – as the new Assistant Director – was not aware of this operation; and even more so, how it all went down, losing their informant and one of the informant’s cohorts nearly blowing up the Federal Building.

Given this latest operation, I have to wonder what Weller is going to do next in order to keep control. Will he launch an internal investigation to track down any other secret operations? Will he tighten the reins within the field office to make sure he has complete control of what happens within those walls? What do you think Weller will do next?

There is also the issue of Weller’s baby momma Allison leaving for a job in Colorado. He may seem as if he is okay with that situation, but once that baby is born will he be able to handle his child being that far away from him? I can’t imagine that the show is done with that whole storyline so it will be interesting to learn what will happen next.

What are your thoughts on Kurt Weller? Do you see him as a control freak? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Blindspot’ will air on NBC on Wednesday, February 15 at 8/7c.