‘The 100’ (Season 4): Octavia, Warrior Princess


When first we were introduced to Octavia Blake in the first season of The 100 she was an outsider – an oddity, in fact – as the second child in a universe where having two children was a crime punishable by death. After being discovered, Octavia was imprisoned by her people simply because of the order of her birth. As fans will recall, Octavia’s mother and her older brother Bellamy, kept her hidden under the floor for about a decade and a half.

Given that their home was on a quickly dying space station known as “The Ark,” the teen prisoners, including Octavia, were sent down to the Earth (97 years after a nuclear apocalypse) to determine if the planet was habitable for the survivors on The Ark.

Once on solid ground, Octavia and the 99 other teenagers lived and died by their wits (or lack thereof in most instances) because they encountered the drastically changed survivors of the Earth known as The Grounders, the battle-hardened “people” who had control of the region where The 100 crash-landed.

One of The Grounders – Lincoln – became a very important person to Octavia, as he not only taught her his people’s ways and some really impressive fighting skills but they also became lovers. Over the course of their time together, Octavia learned to become a ruthless fighter and eventually a cold-blooded killer especially after one of her own – Charles Pike – murdered Lincoln right before her eyes.

Since that first season, Octavia has gone through an amazing metamorphosis from an unsure girl who led a very solitary, even lonely, life into a rock-solid, kick-ass woman who can handle any situation laid in her path. She is now an uncompromising soldier with steel running through her veins (instead of blood) and weapons that she can wield at a near-superhuman-like speed.

As the fourth season of this multi-layered, complicated series opened, viewers saw Octavia ascend to a warrior princess-like level in her cunning skill, taking down three Ice Nation members in seconds in order to help Clarke and her mom Abigail gain access to the nearly dying King of the Ice Nation, Roan.

Since the current season of the show just got underway it is unclear what Octavia will do next, but given all that she has done since becoming a soldier, it is a sure bet that she will leave a path of destruction in her wake and loads more bodies. Octavia Blake has changed so much from the naïve young girl on The Ark to Octavia, Warrior Princess that I doubt she would even recognize herself in the mirror.

What are your thoughts on how much Octavia Blake has changed over the course of the four seasons that the show has been on the air? Did you imagine that the Octavia in season one would become the Octavia that she is now? What kind of future do you see for her? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the fourth season of ‘The 100’ will air on The CW on Wednesday, February 8 at 9/8c.