‘Teen Wolf’ (Season 6): We Aren’t Those Kids Anymore

Scott and Stiles

The first half of the final season of Teen Wolf came to a triumphant end on Tuesday night, finding Scott and his friends finally defeating The Ghost Riders and stopping the Wild Hunt from eliminating everyone in their home of Beacon Hills. It hasn’t been an easy fight given that once The Ghost Riders take a person everyone in that person’s life completely forgets about them.

As we saw in the season premiere, Stiles was taken by these ghastly hunters and immediately his family and friends lost all memory of him. One by one more and more residents were taken quickly turning Beacon Hills into a ghost town much like the town of Canaan, which was victimized by The Ghost Riders several decades earlier.

The handful (or so) of survivors of the Wild Hunt included Scott, Malia, Liam, Mason, Hayden, Corey, Parrish and an unexpectedly resurrected Theo. Opposing them, of course, was a legend of Ghost Riders (how crazy was it to watch all of those Ghost Riders circle around Scott in that final battle scene?!) and high school teacher Garrett Douglas – who turned out to be a former Nazi Captain and Alpha Lowenmench (part wolf and part lion) held captive for 70 years by last season’s nemesis The Dread Doctors.

This supernatural team – along with a rescued “from the other side” Peter Hale and Stiles – may have struggled to take down all of The Ghost Riders, but with the turn of a train divider – it wasn’t as easy as Stiles was hoping it to be, that’s for sure – the Wild Hunt was over and The Ghost Riders were done, turning Mr. Douglas into one of their own. Evil averted and everyone returned to Beacon Hills to continue with their lives.

For Scott and his friends it was time to prepare for graduation and what lay ahead for each of them:

• Lydia got into MIT as a junior (say what?!). Well, like Scott said, “She’s a genius!”;
• Stiles is off to George Washington University with an assist by Scott’s formerly long-estranged dad who helped Stiles get into a pre-FBI program (is there really such a thing?);
• Scott is heading for UC Davis;
• Malia has to take summer school before she can graduate; and
• Liam and Mason are still at Beacon Hills High School, but they will take over the mantle held by Scott and Stiles.

And how about that six-season long wait for Stiles and Lydia to really kiss. Sure she kissed him before (as we saw in the flashbacks from last week’s episode), but not like that kiss when they were finally reunited. It was about time, right? Then there was that lip-smack shared between Scott’s mom Melissa and Mr. Argent – how long have we been waiting for that to happen this season? But, will it lead to anything?

What are your thoughts on the mid-season finale? Are you glad The Ghost Riders are gone and the Wild Hunt is over? Do you think Mr. Douglas got what he deserved or should his punishment have been more severe? What do you think will happen in the remaining episodes of the show? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The rest of the season of ‘Teen Wolf’ – the final ten episodes of the sixth and final season – will air on MTV sometime this summer.