‘Supernatural’ (Season 12): Jailbirds


The brothers Winchester have both literally gone to hell and back on the long-running series Supernatural, but according to eldest brother Dean – the prison for which they spent over 6 weeks locked up inside was worse – yes, worse – than their time in hell.

That is saying something, don’t you think?!

They weren’t just jailbirds in any “regular” prison, but they were locked away in a bunker – not to be confused with the Men of Letters bunker for which the brothers have been using as their home base for several seasons now. They were literally in what could be seen as a black ops, top secret prison only known about by a handful of people. But, somehow the British Men of Letters – to be precise Mr. Ketch and Mick Davies – knew about it…go figure. They must have some mighty big connections to have intel like that, right?

I digress, though. This is about our jailbirds Sam and Dean – who don’t stay jailbirds for too long. We all knew they wouldn’t be cooped up in there for that long anyway, right? But exactly how they both faked their deaths – on the same day – wasn’t revealed until the end of the episode.

Our jailbirds called on none other than Billie, the Reaper, who has been jonesing for Sam and Dean for quite some time. Now, it would seem, she was finally going to get what she had been wanting; except she shouldn’t have used that caveat that a Winchester was coming with her that night. She should have used a better condition; one that was more ironclad. Of course, mother Mary volunteered herself for the taking in order to save her sons: what mother wouldn’t do that to save her children, right?

As luck would have it, however, Castiel wasn’t going to let that happen especially after his failed attempt at stopping a monster who was killing people. He truly believed that it was essential for the Winchester to remain on Earth to save people. He used his trusty Angel blade to end Billie, which made their blood oath null and void.

Convenient, no?! After all the heroes can’t die for real on this show – their twelve year history is prove of that, right? It also helps (maybe not the best choice of word given what happened) that Mr. Ketch took care of everyone involved with that secret prison, giving the brothers Winchester clean records.

What is most troubling now, though, is that Mary Winchester was talking to Mick Davies about the British Men of Letters’ plan for the United States: no more monsters. Great for everyone – sure – but at what cost?

What did you think of the first new episode of the show for 2017? Were you worried at all about the brothers or is it more just par for the course anymore? What do you think is going to happen next especially with the British Men of Letters? Please share your thoughts below.

A new episode of the 12th season of ‘Supernatural’ will air on The CW on Thursday, February 2 at 8/7c.